TEXTURED FINE ART RANGES (2017) by Powercoin


TEXTURED FINE ART RANGES (2017) by Powercoin Much admired on its debut, especially by us here at AgAuNEWS, Powercoin's first Great Micromosaic Passion coin did something different with the generally conservative fine-art genre. The use of a cleanly defined texture to impart a unique look has lifted the often stale procession of masterpieces coins we usually get, and to great effect. They followed the success of the series with a companion range turning artworks into jigsaw puzzles, which turned out to be equally popular. Recently, we've seen the mosaic series kick-off a second series, [...]

TIFFANY ART (2014-2020) by Coin Invest Trust


2004-2020 TIFFANY ART by CIT Coin Invest Every now and then a coin series flares brightly on the market for a couple of years, and then fades away. Sometimes, it's three or four releases before interest disappears, but rarely, a series of coins so captures the heart of the market that it can go on for years and stay at the top of it's game. Foremost in the last group is the Tiffany Art series of architecture coins released by the Liechtenstein based coin producer, CIT Coin Invest, known to most simply as, CIT. Without [...]

ETERNAL SCULPTURES (2016-2021) by Powercoin


2016-2020 ETERNAL SCULPTURES by Powercoin Fine art has always been a popular subject on modern coins. Reproductions of some of the world's great paintings are popular, and even pottery has attracted an interesting series or two. Sculpture, because of its fundamentally three-dimensional nature, is a little harder to depict on a small coin, but Italian dealer Powercoin, along with super-producer CIT Coin Invest, decided they could do a good job of it. They were wrong. They did a fantastic job. Eternal Sculptures debuted in 2016 and sees just a single release annually. Each coin is [...]

DIMENSIONAL SKULLS (2017-2019) by CIT Coin Invest


DIMENSIONAL SKULLS (2017-2019) by CIT Coin Invest It was at the ANA Coin Show in 2016 that CIT launched the first of its new Skull series of coins. Utilising the full range of abilities brought to the industry, SmartMinting was a new technology developed by CIT Coin Invest and German mint, BH Mayer. The benefits were an ability to produce ultra high relief strikes incorporating both large size and high detail, from relatively small amounts of metal. Skull No.1 launched to much acclaim, and is the perfect example of just what smartminting brings to the [...]

SACRED ART (2011-2018) by Numiscollect


2011-2018 SACRED ART by Numiscollect There have been many series of coins inspired by the Tiffany Art range from Liechtenstein producer, Coin-Invest Trust (CIT), but few reach the seven coin mark and this series from Dutch company, Numiscollect has not only accomplished that, but shows no signs of stopping. Kicking off with a three coin per year release schedule in 2011 that continued through 2012, the series then moved to a single-coin per year. Strangely, the 2013 dated piece wasn't released until June 2014, but the series is back on track with the 2015 dated [...]

BIBLICAL STORIES (2011-2017) by NumisCollect


BIBLICAL STORIES by Numiscollect A few of the European independent coin producers have long-term series in their portfolio and Dutch producer Numiscollect is no exception. One of the most popular formats of choice is the fractional sterling silver one, as used by CIT for its perennial Mountains and Flora, World of Hunting and World of Wonder series. This series, which looks at famous stories in the bible, is one such beast. Biblical Stories debuted in 2011 with a pair of 15.5g (½oz) coins, released packaged singly, and to date is still going strong with twelve [...]

MINERAL ARTS (2009-2017) by Coin Invest Trust


2009-2017 MINERAL ARTS by Coin Invest Trust There's been some intense competition in the art-architectural coin market for some years now. The pedestal that Coin Invest Trust's seminal Tiffany Art series has sat on for over a decade has been gradually chipped away at by an increasing number of rival series that have raised the quality threshold to hitherto unreached heights. Chief amongst these competitors is Mineral Arts, a series ironically also produced, but not issued by, CIT. Mineral Arts are typical architecture coins from the specification standpoint and follow Tiffany Art quite closely in that [...]

COINS OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE (2009-2012) by Coin Invest Trust


There's nothing in the coin world like the feel of holding an ancient gold coin in your hand, but unfortunately that's not something that most will have the opportunity to do. Nevertheless, interest in the market has never been higher with modern commemoratives featuring ancient themes from architecture to gods, many of the coins being amongst the best released to market. There will always be a difference between a themed coin and one that accurately replicates the past, and Coin Invest Trust's 'The Coins of the Roman Empire' fits firmly into the latter category. First launched back in 2009, the [...]

MOUNTAINS AND FLORA (2009-2016) by Coin Invest Trust


Most well known for their flagship coin series featuring Tiffany Art and Mongolian Wildlife, the Liechtenstein-based coin producer, Coin Invest Trust (CIT) has carved out quite a name for themselves on the back of them. They're quite prolific releasers of coins under their own name and are admired for their willingness to experiment and do the unusual. While they aren't always successful, they've inspired many within the industry to follow their lead and give us the breadth of choice we have today. Alongside all the flash and high profile releases, they do maintain several series of coins that [...]

PALAU BATTLESHIPS (2008-2011) by Coin Invest Trust


From the dawn of recorded history, mankind has waged war upon itself, and as time has passed, nothing has eaten up more of mans genius than his ability to do so in ever more inventive and deadly ways. The advent of the Industrial Revolution made possible rapid advances in technology, but underneath it all, at least until the end of the Second World War, the capital warship has always been one of the ultimate statements of a nations ability to project it's power and forge an empire. With only a few exceptions, the Mongol hordes being a prime one, [...]

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