Art Mint hits a decade with its iconic Mandala Art series, and there’s a stunning 10th anniversary special edition coin to celebrate

After a decade of impressing us with the elegance of the designs, Art Mints superb Mandala Art series gets two releases for 2024, one is the expected tenth cultural issue, and a special one to mark the series history since 2015. As I’ve said before, we’ve always had a bit of an affinity for the series, as it debuted not long after we did, and it’s grown in complexity and polish since.

For those new to the series, it takes the old Sanskrit concept of the mandala, a series of geometric lines in a concentric pattern, and tweaks it to suit a range of world cultures. It started with a traditional Kalachakra, and then began an annual journey through modern, and historical cultures, landing in 2024 on the Jewish one, incorporating many elements of that culture.

The design is rooted around the Star of David. In the centre is a circle of ‘Hands of Hamsa’, a Middle-Eastern symbol dating back millennia, and found in ancient Israelite tombs. In the inner points of the star are Menorah’s, the seven stemmed candelabra that is the current symbol of Israel. Mounted in the centre of the reverse face is a blue agate stone, around which everything else rotates. It’s another crisp, attractive coin, and a fine companion piece to previous issues. But that’s not all…


Celebrating the series hitting ten years old, Art Mint have produced a quite beautiful five-ounce coin that features all ten of the standard three-ounce issues in miniature form. Overlaying each other, and circling a centrally mounted crystal, each prior issue is reproduced with an impressive amount of detail for the size.

Designed by Giedrius Paulauskis, a regular artist at the Lithuanian Mint, it successfully encapsulates this popular range in a single coin, and manages to remain very attractive while doing so. Well done to all involved. The obverse is just a standard Fijian emblem, but the star here is obviously the reverse face. Only 100 of these will be struck, with the serial number engraved on the edge. It does, of course, come boxed with a Certificate of Authenticity.

We’re unsure yet if the Mandala Art series will continue into a second decade. They’ve already covered a wide range of cultures, and the selection of others is rapidly diminishing. Whatever the case, the body of work to date has been absolutely first-class, and this anniversary coin is a fine way to end if that’s to be the case. Available to order now.


$10 FJD (Fiji) 155.5 g of 0.999 silver 65.0 mm Antique 100
$10 FJD (Fiji) 93.3 g of 0.999 silver 50.0 mm Antique 500