We’ve seen a plethora of coins since we went live in late 2013, and it’s clear that some subjects are perennial favourites, not least of all, the mythology of the ancient world. We shouldn’t be surprised, given that’s been the case since ancient times, aided by the sheer richness of it. The Greek pantheon has been particularly popular, as has a group that encompasses the new coin here, the Northern Europeans, primarily, the Norse peoples.

Freyja is a Norse goddess, associated with love, sex, gold, war and death. She rides a chariot pulled by two cats (she must be a goddess if she can get a cat to do that!), and is a popular character in the myths and legends of the time. She is said to receive half the battlefield dead, who go to her field, Fólkvangr (the other half go to Valhalla). Freyja was married to the god Óðr, who was often away, and as a result, she was said to cry tears of red gold for him.

The gold and the tears are rarely referenced on Freyja coins, so it’s great to see The Gold Village make it the central theme of their coin. The reverse face is the more traditional of the two, depicting the goddess from the waist up, wearing gold wristbands and headdress. She is crying tears of gold, that trickle down her cheeks – a nod to the myth.

The obverse is the star for us. A simply beautiful close-up of her face, golden eyed, and also crying golden tears. Everything about this is spot-on. The anatomy is perfect, from the eyes and nose, to the lips and hair, we can’t see anything that doesn’t hit the target. The application of gold colouring is restrained, and enhances the finished article.

At two ounces, this should be quite a bit more affordable than some of this producer’s more esoteric output, and the 999 mintage is bigger as well. Packaging looks first class, with Mint of MK and The Gold Village having transitioned to these superb solid acrylic frames. A super release, in our view, with that obverse attracting particular attention for its excellence. It’s available to order now, so check out our Where to Buy page for stockists.


DENOMINATION 2,000 Francs (Cameroon)
COMPOSITION 62.2 g of 0.999 silver
FINISH Antique
MODIFICATIONS Colour, high-relief