TRAPPED (2019-) by CIT Coin Invest


TRAPPED (2019-) by CIT Coin Invest We have a particular fondness here for coin designs that do things quite differently from whatever the trend of the time is. In 2019, the ancient mythology theme was the darling of the coin world, and while some stunning designs were released in the genre, there was a basic underlying style to most of them. In the midst of that came CIT, with 'Trapped', with a concept and execution utterly unique. The series tells the claustrophobic tale of someone confined behind a fabric sheet, but they're not alone. From [...]

MYTHS AND LEGENDS SERIES (2017-) by Numiscollect


2017+ MYTHS AND LEGENDS SERIES by Numiscollect While the sheer prolific nature of the Mint of Poland's numerous ancient world themed coin series is in a league of its own, they have plenty of competition on the quality front. Chief amongst them is Numiscollect who, in conjunction with CIT and BH Mayer, produce some of the best coins ever issued in the genre. There are currently four series in progress, three of them quite close in concept and execution, with a smaller 2oz range showcasing the artifacts used by the various gods. All are [...]

PLANETS & GODS (2019-) by Mint XXI


PLANETS & GODS (2019-) by Mint XXI What happens when you combine two popular coin themes into one? You get something like Mint XXI's 'Planets & Gods' series of three ounce silver coins. Mixing together the popular ancient mythology and the astronomy genres, they've produced an attractive and clever range of coins linking together the planets of our Solar System, with the ancient gods that gave them their names. Launching in 2019 with Mercury, each coin features a representation of the ancient god, usually in the style of a statue of the period, overlaid on [...]



2019+ PEZ COLLECTION by MTB/PAMP Certainly one of the more inventive candy products released over the last century, PEZ has spawned an entire worldwide collectors market because of the way it is sold and used. With most other sweets, you buy it, you eat it. Simples, to quote a meerkat. Not so with PEZ.The candy is simple enough, just small blocky hard sweets sold in a packet. But then you put them in a plastic dispenser that, when you push the head, releases one for you to eat. The clever part comes with the dispenser [...]

LUNAR YEAR COLLECTION (2019-) by CIT Coin Invest


2019+ LUNAR YEAR COLLECTION by CIT Coin Invest The Lunar market seems to have cooled somewhat over the last couple of years, a good thing given the ridiculaous numbers issued annually just half a decade ago, Fortunately, the mints have taken the opportunity to heart by a noticeable increase in quality. The Perth Mints iconic Lunar Series reached its third go around last year and introduced a vastly better look, as did the Royal Mint. In our view, the best new introduction of the last few years has been CIT's superb fully dimensional coins, [...]

MYTHICAL CREATURES (2020-2022) by the Czech Mint


2020-2022 MYTHICAL CREATURES by the Czech Mint Our love for the mythical beasts of ancient lore has never been higher. With modern mega-budget movies like the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter drawing in huge audiences, as well as the new legends that are inherent parts of the various superhero universes, the weird and fantastical remains a popular escape from the day to day life most of us lead today. There’s no substitute for the old legends, however, dreamed up in a time where belief trumped logic in the popular mindset. Tapping into [...]

ESOTERIC CENTRES ANTIQUED (2015-) by the Perth Mint


2015+ ESOTERIC CENTRES ANTIQUED by the Perth Mint This guide is a little different to our others in that the subject isn't strictly a consistent series, more a loose collection that's built up over the last half decade. The two-ounce antique-finished coin has been around for ages, but arguably, it was the Perth Mint that popularised it to the level it now occupies when it issued the first in its Gods of Olympus series - Zeus - back in 2014. It was the following year when the Perth Mint applied the format to something [...]

CHIBI COLLECTION (2020-) by the New Zealand Mint


2020+ CHIBI COLLECTION by the New Zealand Mint A phenomenon that has travelled far from its Japanese homeland, Chibi (ちび or チビ) is slang for 'short' and is applied to various pop culture genres today. Chief amongst those are the small, chubby caricatures with their tiny bodies and over-sized heads – also called super-deformed (SD). A popular style in anime and manga, and also with the Funko figures that are seemingly everywhere these days, we’re actually surprised the concept has taken this long to hit the numismatic world. If anyone was going to do it, [...]

2020 COCA-COLA BOTTLE CAPS by Crown Mint


2018+ COCA-COLA BOTTLE CAPS by Crown Mint One of the most iconic brands in history, Coca-Cola, or Coke, is a simple carbonated soft drink invented in the late 19th century. Named after kola nuts and coca leaves, a couple of the original ingrediants, Coca-Cola was bought from its inventor John Pemberton, by Asa Griggs Candler, who, through some impressive marketing, turned it into a world dominating product. In 2015, Coca-Cola was said to be the world’s third-most valuable brand, behind Apple and Google, and in 2013 their products were served up in over 200 countries [...]

THE SEVEN SUMMITS (2016-2022) by CIT Coin Invest


2016-2022 THE SEVEN SUMMITS by CIT Coin Invest Between 2009 and 2016, CIT issued an interesting range of coins called Mountains and Flora. A simple sterling (0.925) silver coin of 20 grams in weight, with some colour highlighting, these were one of CIT's basic ranges, long since fallen by the wayside. Certainly popular enough - there were 61 issues! - their main attraction was the intriguing subject matter. In amongst the selection was a sub-set (sporting a privy mark), called The 7 Summits. The 7 Summits include the highest peak on each of the [...]

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