We’re big collectors here and we hope from you’re reading this that you are too. There’s no shortage of news about coins on the web, from ancient pieces to modern local currencies with everything in-between. If we’re honest, there are websites that cover a similar subject to ours. What we’re aiming to offer is a visual and comprehensive look at the world of modern collectible numismatics. It’s a time of 3D, high-relief, coloured, antiqued, inlaid and lots more. We think it’s a very visual hobby and that’s how the site is meant to work. Big, colourful and a little opinionated, the site aims to be honest and independent.

Please use the comments feature on our posts as we’d like to have discussion and create a sense of community. We’re opinionated and see no reason why you shouldn’t be too. There are no plans for a forum at this time. That may change but it’s not on the immediate radar while we have so much to do elsewhere. There are some great forums out there and please feel free to drop us into a conversation or two. We’re also open to suggestions so do use the contact form below and we’ll have a read.

Also, please try the newsletter. We know, mainly because we’re the same, that there’s a lot of suspicion about newsletters so let us put your mind at rest. Ours is tiny. Just a list, if any, of the days updates to keep you fully informed. Each post has the title, the first 50 words and a link to the post. No images, no padding and we don’t sell anything. You won’t receive anything else and neither do e-mail addresses get used anywhere else. Your choice, but have no concerns please.

Enjoy the site and keep coming back for the loads of updates that we’ll be adding pretty much every day. Let us know of any problems. This is the first site I’ve ever built so expect a few teething problems…..




1. If you’re a mint, dealer or distributor with news and good quality, clean images of new releases, please get in touch.

2. If we’ve used an image we shouldn’t have for our artwork, please let us know (info@agaunews.com) and we’ll remove it. We try to be careful what we use, but it’s a minefield out there, so we’ll likely get it wrong occasionally. All copyrights remain with their respective owners. Many thanks to all those that have okayed the use and for all those people that put stuff out under Creative Commons for those of us with far less ability. We salute you.

3. If there’s an error in a post, please let us know. Sadly, the collectable coin market is a ridiculous place to get accurate information on many products, so please check before splashing out the cash.

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