Project Description

Most well known for their flagship coin series featuring Tiffany Art and Mongolian Wildlife, the Liechtenstein-based coin producer, Coin Invest Trust (CIT) has carved out quite a name for themselves on the back of them. They’re quite prolific releasers of coins under their own name and are admired for their willingness to experiment and do the unusual. While they aren’t always successful, they’ve inspired many within the industry to follow their lead and give us the breadth of choice we have today. Alongside all the flash and high profile releases, they do maintain several series of coins that are racking up some serious numbers. On the surface, these 20 or 25g sterling silver (0.925) coin series are unadventurous by CIT standards, but some are real gems and we think this series is certainly one of them.

Called ‘Mountains and Flora’, they depict some of the world’s most interesting mountains along with a small coloured image of flora most associated with it. What stands out the most is how well the representation of a mountain looks when clean struck in silver. The limiting of the coloured part of the coin to the flora has kept the designs very focused and unspoilt, something that colouring the sky for example, would have ruined. Each coin is limited to a run of 2,500 strikes and usually sell for under €50, although as was annoyingly usual for this mint, they’re supplied unboxed (but with a Certificate of Authenticity).

The series has now reached a staggering 61 releases, with no sign of a let-up and plenty more impressive peaks to cover. Anything from six to ten coins are released each year with 2014 bringing a hefty ten, so it’s no surprise that 2015 saw the series expand past even the ambitious America the Beautiful program. In fact, you could almost consider these coins a conceptually purer, more wallet-friendly version of the America the Beautiful range, especially given the latter is wandering off into some less than beautiful 2015/2016 designs (Saratoga anyone?).

There were two mini-series within this range released over its lifetime. Coins 09 to 15 from 2010 form a set of seven coins depicting what is known in mountaineering circles as The Seven Summits. This group includes the highest peak on each of the seven continents and is considered a real achievement to have ascended them all. The second set is from 2011 and encompasses coins 19 to 25. This is called The Second Seven Summits and as its name suggests, features the second highest peak on each continent. Considered more challenging than the tallest mountains, the challenge was only completed as recently as January 2013 by Austrian climber Christian Stangl whose conquering of not only the first and second Seven Summits, but also the third, make fascinating reading.

Quite a few dealers keep these in stock, although we’ve noticed that European dealer Numiscollect currently stocks the entire range. On the tabs below we’ve divided up the series into annual runs to make it easier to view and we’ve picked what we hope is the most interesting information on each coins mountain from Wikipedia for your enjoyment. Click any image to make it bigger.