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A quick apology

A quick apology We've been a little quiet on site for the last few days as we've been tracking down and eradicating a bug in our back-end that meant pages were not always displayed. You may have encountered the error a few times. It did go away after a refresh, but it made writing a post almost impossible, as it affected our editor as well. All is now fixed (hopefully) and we'll be back to normal tomorrow with a new bullion coin and a look at the new American Eagle 2021 reverse designs. Things are still relatively quiet, [...]

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Early June updates and revisions,.

Early June updates and revisions,. A nother quick round-up of updates on site. The new Quicklooks format that debuts on the front page and is collated on the QUICKLOOKS page seems to be working fine. This briefer news format lets me increase coverage of coins that would normally get missed (for example, the Russian Metro coin), or of coins that are part of a series and don't need a full post (like the Batman Hush coins). The latter in particular is harder to write without simply rehashing the previous post and I'm sure youall find it equally uninteresting.I have a [...]

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Some new updates, a new post style and an apology

Some new updates, a new post style and an apology First of all, apologies for the downtime over the last day. Our host had some server maintenance planned that should have interrupted the site for just a few minutes. Apparently, things didn't go to plan and a multitude of sites went down, including AgAuNEWS and stayed down for much of the day. Fortunately, everything seems to be back to normal, but we will keep monitoring it and make a change if necessary.The sharp eyed amongst you will have noticed the changes to the front page and the addition of a [...]

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