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Early November updates with guide revisions, tweaks, and more…

Early November updates with guide revisions, tweaks, and more... Been a while since the last roundup of updates, but that doesn't mean they haven't been going on, of course. We've had a terrific October filled with some extremely high quality issues, no doubt backed up by the first wave of Covid-19 disruption. November and December are traditionally quieter months anyway, but with a second wave of infections picking up steam in the US and Europe, we're expecting delays to come back again. Nevertheless, a couple of our favourite European producers have new additions coming before years end.On [...]

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Mid August updates

Mid August updates Just a quick update to keep you informed of what we're up to when it seems quiet.The COIN SERIES PROFILES for 'Evolution of Life' and 'Tiffany Art (both by CIT) have, as promised last time, been brought up to date. A new profile of the recently completed 'Magnificent Life' is also now live.Away from CIT, the excellent and also recently completed series by MDM called 'Underwater World' has just released its final update. The Czech Mint's 'Animal Champions' has been tweaked with information on the last 2020 issue, as has Scottsdale Mint's 'Biblical Series', although the [...]

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Early August updates

Early August updates As per usual, we're keeping guides up to date where possible and a few have had the revisions needed. Those BULLION PROFILES for AllCollects 'Predators' (multiple additions), Scottsdales 'Eastern Caribbean 8' (Dominica added), Scottsdale's Limited (Marlin, Trident added) and the NZ Mint's 'Star Wars' (Mandalorian Mythosaur added) have been expanded. Some COIN SERIES PROFILES have also seen updates, like 'History of Polish Coin', 'Enduring Soldiers Accursed by the Communists, and 'Biblical Stories'. We'll be updating 'Evolution of Life',and 'Tiffany Art' (not as dead as we thought...) soon. You might have noticed a new logo. The old [...]

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