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Just a quick heads-up that we’re off until at least Monday 22nd July. To be honest, I really need a break, as I’m feeling a bit burnt out. I’ve made an extra effort this week to get a lot of new releases up, so at least there’s plenty to read, and a lot of guides and profiles have been updated.

Looking forward to the Euro 24 final on Sunday, and some good weather next week, so hoping to come back significantly refreshed. By then, the site beast, Cossack, might have given me my mouse back…

As always, if you’d like to donate to help the site, I really would appreciate it. We remain chronically underfunded, and everything helps. You can donate at

Thank you. Back soon.

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We've just added the latest in Precious Metal Collector's innovative Tri-metal Max range of fine art coins. These are big pieces at 165 x 125 mm and reproduce some of the world's best art. Our Coin Series Profile covers all of the many releases to date, and can be seen @

This time, it's the famous 'Liberty Leading the People' painted in 1830 by Eugene Delacroix, and inspired by the July Revolution in the same year that unseated King Charles X.

#silver #coins #coin #fineart #painting #france #frenchrevolution #paris #history
Last year's impressive Sword of the Archangel Michael returns with gilded, and rose gilded variants, and a new series display system

#coins #numismatics #silver #swords #sword #archangel #angel #weapons
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