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Some new updates, a new post style and an apology

Some new updates, a new post style and an apology First of all, apologies for the downtime over the last day. Our host had some server maintenance planned that should have interrupted the site for just a few minutes. Apparently, things didn't go to plan and a multitude of sites went down, including AgAuNEWS and stayed down for much of the day. Fortunately, everything seems to be back to normal, but we will keep monitoring it and make a change if necessary.The sharp eyed amongst you will have noticed the changes to the front page and the addition of a [...]

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Quick update 2

Quick update 2 Apologies for the slow updates over the last couple of weeks. On top of everything going on, my PC got worse and because you get kind of used to it, you think its normal. Anyway, to keep things short, thanks to a couple of readers and advertisers, I managed to build a new PC over the weekend which is now up and running. To say the difference is noticeable would be an understatement. I have to replace the GPU and the monitor is hanging on after 14 years, but both can wait and work well enough [...]

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A quick update on what’s happening

A quick update on what's happening With all that's going on at the moment and worries about family, you can understand our posts have been a bit lower than normal, but we're expecting things to pick up a bit next week. We're all okay here and we hope you are all well and fighting fit. These are extraordinary times that make our little hobby seem hugely unimportant, but at the same time, distractions are as needed as ever.On the site front, we've updated quite a few of our profiles, and there are a couple of new ones. We're going [...]

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