OLD TOWN SQUARE EXECUTION (2021) by the Czech Mint


2021 OLD TOWN SQUARE EXECUTION by the Czech Mint One thing the coin producers in Eastern Europe do very well showcase their history. Much of it is largely unknown in the West, but it's a rich, deep and often tragic one that is filled with themes and events ripe for numismatic attention. One such event happened 400 years ago in the capital of what is now the Czech Republic, Prague.Starting early on a June morning in 1621, 27 Czech Lords, Knights and Burghers were executed after taking part in a failed uprising against the Habsburg [...]

MYTHICAL CREATURES (2020-2022) by the Czech Mint


2020-2022 MYTHICAL CREATURES by the Czech Mint Our love for the mythical beasts of ancient lore has never been higher. With modern mega-budget movies like the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter drawing in huge audiences, as well as the new legends that are inherent parts of the various superhero universes, the weird and fantastical remains a popular escape from the day to day life most of us lead today. There’s no substitute for the old legends, however, dreamed up in a time where belief trumped logic in the popular mindset. Tapping into [...]

REVOLUTIONARIES (2014-2022) by CIT Coin Invest


2014-2022 REVOLUTIONARIES by CIT Coin Invest A fantastic subject for a coin series, the worlds revolutionary figures have, often for the wrong reasons, entered popular culture in ways that are hard to tie in with the historical people. They often have outsized reputations enhanced by tall tales and iconic photographs. Despite their ubiquity worldwide, they've appeared on hardly any modern coins over the last decade. CIT Coin Invest have helped rectify that, and have done so with some style. The new series debuted back in 2014 and was a one-ounce fine silver issue - one of [...]

DINOSAURS (2020-2021) by the New Zealand Mint


DINOSAURS (2020-2021) by the New Zealand Mint One of several dinosaur series on the go through 2020, the New Zealand Mint's aptly named 'Dinosaurs' series leverages the mints antiqued and coloured one-ounce silver coin format to do the honours. They've used the style successfully on a few previous issues that we really liked, including the excellent 'Warriors of History; and 'Battles That Changed History' history ranges. The mint doesn't produce as many ranges like this anymore, having moved primarily into big pop-culture and media franchises. These are pretty coins exhibiting some decent, if unspectacular artwork.They [...]

THE SEVEN SUMMITS (2016-2022) by CIT Coin Invest


2016-2022 THE SEVEN SUMMITS by CIT Coin Invest Between 2009 and 2016, CIT issued an interesting range of coins called Mountains and Flora. A simple sterling (0.925) silver coin of 20 grams in weight, with some colour highlighting, these were one of CIT's basic ranges, long since fallen by the wayside. Certainly popular enough - there were 61 issues! - their main attraction was the intriguing subject matter. In amongst the selection was a sub-set (sporting a privy mark), called The 7 Summits. The 7 Summits include the highest peak on each of the [...]



2018-2021 UNDERWATER WORLD by MDM Wholesale Making its debut early in 2018, German producer MDM Wholesale launched its first Underwater World coin. A three ounce silver coin with an antique finish, it featured a heavily dished reverse face inside a border, which was filled with a translucent blue enamel. Struck to an impressive level of ultra high relief, each coin depicts a sea creature not only under the enamel, but also bursting through the surface of it, just as the animal would in reality. There have been four issues to date at the rate of [...]

MAGNIFICENT LIFE (2015-2020) by CIT Coin Invest


2015-2020 MAGNIFICENT LIFE by CIT Coin Invest Released back in 2007,alongside the superb Evolution of Life series, Magnificent Life took a wholly different approach to the one-ounce coin. Eschewing the antique finish and rose-gold gilding of its prehistoric-themed sibling, this series went with a deep strike (a concave dish on the reverse face), a proof finish and varying amounts of colouration. Smartminting was in evidence, in this case allowing highly defined levels of subtle high-relief. The series has run for six issues, but the 2020 release is to be the last one, sadly, as [...]

ANIMAL CHAMPIONS (2019-2020) by the Czech Mint


2019+ ANIMAL CHAMPIONS by the Czech Mint A very nice series from the Czech Mint, Animal Champions has for its subject the record breaking creatures that push the envelopes of just what is possible in the natural world. The biggest, fastest, strongest of their types are represented, and done so in a striking style. Each coin is antique-finished and is struck in an ounce of fine silver. They're quite a standard format, eschewing colour, high-relief and inserts,and as a result are relatively affordable. The first year of release was 2019 and encompassed four issues, [...]

TIFFANY ART (2014-2020) by Coin Invest Trust


2004-2020 TIFFANY ART by CIT Coin Invest Every now and then a coin series flares brightly on the market for a couple of years, and then fades away. Sometimes, it's three or four releases before interest disappears, but rarely, a series of coins so captures the heart of the market that it can go on for years and stay at the top of it's game. Foremost in the last group is the Tiffany Art series of architecture coins released by the Liechtenstein based coin producer, CIT Coin Invest, known to most simply as, CIT. Without [...]

ETERNAL SCULPTURES (2016-2021) by Powercoin


2016-2020 ETERNAL SCULPTURES by Powercoin Fine art has always been a popular subject on modern coins. Reproductions of some of the world's great paintings are popular, and even pottery has attracted an interesting series or two. Sculpture, because of its fundamentally three-dimensional nature, is a little harder to depict on a small coin, but Italian dealer Powercoin, along with super-producer CIT Coin Invest, decided they could do a good job of it. They were wrong. They did a fantastic job. Eternal Sculptures debuted in 2016 and sees just a single release annually. Each coin is [...]

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