Project Description

2011-2018 SACRED ART by Numiscollect

There have been many series of coins inspired by the Tiffany Art range from Liechtenstein producer, Coin-Invest Trust (CIT), but few reach the seven coin mark and this series from Dutch company, Numiscollect has not only accomplished that, but shows no signs of stopping. Kicking off with a three coin per year release schedule in 2011 that continued through 2012, the series then moved to a single-coin per year. Strangely, the 2013 dated piece wasn’t released until June 2014, but the series is back on track with the 2015 dated Canterbury Cathedral being announced in August 2015 with shipping later in that year.

This series concentrates on featuring the great artistic windows that adorn some of the finest and most spectacular religious buildings around the world. Each coin is struck in a diamond-orientated square from 50g of silver into which is formed an aperture. Until 2016 the coins were made in 0.925 sterling silver, but it’s now moved to fine 0.999 silver instead, likely the result of the much higher levels of relief now being incorporated into the designs. Into the aperture is set a representation of the stained-glass window most synonymous with the religious building featured on that particular coin. The windows change shape to suit the subject but have always been placed centrally on the coin. The artwork on the obverse is not constant, having the crest of Palau and the denomination etc, integrated into each design.

The coins are certainly striking in their high-relief style, not as deep as the Tiffanys, but deep enough to give the art a ‘pop’ and the breadth of the subject matter lends the coins a variety not present in other series. Each reverse face depicts the church exterior, with the interior being depicted on the obverse. From the bright and colourful Brasilia Cathedral to the intricate windows of St. Vitus Prague, it will make an attractive set for the collector.

Sadly the early coins only come in a capsule with a certificate, although some dealers do package them in the decent three-coin box especially designed for the series, which is also available seperately. As of 2013 they come in a box inside a custom coloured shipper.


$10 PALAU 0.925 SILVER

0.999 (2016 onwards)

50.0 g 42.0 x 42.0 mm ANTIQUE 999 YES / YES