NUMISMATIC ICONS (2020-) by CIT Coin Invest


NUMISMATIC ICONS (2020-) by CIT Coin Invest When coins themed around the ancient world are issued, nearly all have been modern interpretations of old myths. There's a small number that look at the achievements of the first civilisations, but most bury themselves in the rich mythological tapestry, but reimagined by 21st century eyes.In 2020, CIT tipped that idea on its head, by using that same 21st century technology to reinvigorate ancient coin designs. What we're getting with this series is fundamentally an ancients view of their own myths and legends, without several millennia of bias [...]

ARCHAEOLOGY AND SYMBOLISM (2018-) by Numiscollect


ARCHAEOLOGY & SYMBOLISM (2018-) by Numiscollect Numiscollect have proven themselves not only able to choose a good subject for their collectible coin issues, but also an ability to conceptualise them and bring a fantastic quality finished article to market. We don't need to tell you how popular the ancient world is with coin producers at present, but that doesn't mean that everything has to be a variation on the same theme. Archaeology and Symbolism is a fresh look at some of the core beliefs and iconography of some of the world's great historical empires [...]

TRAPPED (2019-2023) by CIT Coin Invest


TRAPPED (2019-2023) by CIT Coin Invest We have a particular fondness here for coin designs that do things quite differently from whatever the trend of the time is. In 2019, the ancient mythology theme was the darling of the coin world, and while some stunning designs were released in the genre, there was a basic underlying style to most of them. In the midst of that came CIT, with 'Trapped', with a concept and execution utterly unique. The series tells the claustrophobic tale of someone confined behind a fabric sheet, but they're not alone. From [...]

MYTHS AND LEGENDS SERIES (2017-) by Numiscollect


MYTHS AND LEGENDS SERIES (2017-) by Numiscollect While the sheer prolific nature of the Mint of Poland's numerous ancient world themed coin series is in a league of its own, they have plenty of competition on the quality front. Chief amongst them is Numiscollect who, in conjunction with CIT and BH Mayer, produce some of the best coins ever issued in the genre. There are currently four series in progress, three of them quite close in concept and execution, with a smaller 2oz range showcasing the artifacts used by the various gods. All are struck [...]

THE SEVEN SUMMITS (2016-2022) by CIT Coin Invest


2016-2022 THE SEVEN SUMMITS by CIT Coin Invest Between 2009 and 2016, CIT issued an interesting range of coins called Mountains and Flora. A simple sterling (0.925) silver coin of 20 grams in weight, with some colour highlighting, these were one of CIT's basic ranges, long since fallen by the wayside. Certainly popular enough - there were 61 issues! - their main attraction was the intriguing subject matter. In amongst the selection was a sub-set (sporting a privy mark), called The 7 Summits. The 7 Summits include the highest peak on each of the [...]

MAGNIFICENT LIFE (2015-2020) by CIT Coin Invest


2015-2020 MAGNIFICENT LIFE by CIT Coin Invest Released back in 2007, alongside the superb Evolution of Life series, Magnificent Life took a wholly different approach to the one-ounce coin. Eschewing the antique finish and rose-gold gilding of its prehistoric-themed sibling, this series went with a deep strike (a concave dish on the reverse face), a proof finish and varying amounts of colouration. Smartminting was in evidence, in this case allowing highly defined levels of subtle high-relief. The key to the look of these isn't just down to the strike, but also to the high quality [...]

METEORITES (2016-2019) by Numiscollect


METEORITES (2016-2019) by Numiscollect One of the more popular genres in modern numismatics over the last decade or so, meteorite adorned coins depict an astronomical body or event, and incorporate a fragment of genuine meteorite. Three producers are the main players in this market - CIT Coin Invest, the Mint of Poland, and Numiscollect. The flagship series of the latter of those three is simply called 'Meteorites', and has been running since 2016. These are impressive coins. Each is struck in three ounces of fine 0.999 silver, and while there are some differences in final [...]

HISTORY OF THE CRUSADES (2009-) by Numiscollect


2009+ HISTORY OF THE CRUSADES by Numiscollect With an initial debut back in 2009, Numiscollect began a series of twelve coins depicting one of the Middle Age's most destructive series of conflicts, the Crusades into what were then, and still sometimes are, known as the Holy Lands. After the release of two coins in 2009 and two more in 2010, there was only a single release in 2011 after which the series went quiet. There was a real fear that the series had been cancelled, but fortunately the series picked up with renewed vigour, and [...]

GODS OF OLYMPUS SET (2017) by the Perth Mint


2017 GODS OF OLYMPUS SET by the Perth Mint One of the biggest hits of 2014 and a coin that kicked off a the whole modern numismatic trend for antiqued, high-relief ancient mythology, Zeus was the first of the Perth Mints Gods series. Since its debut, there have been four complete three-coin series and all have sold out. The release today has more than doubled the selection. Going back to the subjects covered in the 2014 and 2015 series, Gods of Olympus takes the same two-ounce format and produces a whole new set of designs. One [...]

SKYLINE DOLLARS (2017-2018) by Coin Invest Trust


2017-2019 SKYLINE DOLLARS by CIT Coin Invest When is a coin not a coin? It's a question we often see opinions on as minting technology has allowed ever more ambitious designs to appear for sale. There are the hardcore collectors who believe that a coin should be round and cleanly struck. In our opinion that's too narrow a definition given that throughout history coins have often been different shapes. In addition, all things evolve, so why shouldn't numismatics? That doesn't mean the design of coins should be unrestrained, but each collector will have their own view [...]

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