ARCHAEOLOGY AND SYMBOLISM (2018-) by Numiscollect


ARCHAEOLOGY & SYMBOLISM (2018-) by Numiscollect Numiscollect have proven themselves not only able to choose a good subject for their collectible coin issues, but also an ability to conceptualise them and bring a fantastic quality finished article to market. We don't need to tell you how popular the ancient world is with coin producers at present, but that doesn't mean that everything has to be a variation on the same theme. Archaeology and Symbolism is a fresh look at some of the core beliefs and iconography of some of the world's great historical empires [...]

EVOLUTION OF LIFE (2015-) by CIT Coin Invest


EVOLUTION OF LIFE (2015) by CIT Coin Invest Back in 2007, the Liechtenstein-based coin producer Coin Invest Trust, issued a hit coin for the National Bank of Mongolia. The debut coin in a new series called Wildlife Protection, it went on to win the prestigious Coin of the Year award in 2010. That series went from strength to strength and every issue has been widely applauded for its quality and most importantly, its design. Sadly now ended, although Numiscollect are reimagining them in conjunction with CIT as fully dimensional coins, we were fortunate to [...]

LUNAR YEAR COLLECTION (2019-) by CIT Coin Invest


LUNAR YEAR COLLECTION (2019) by CIT Coin Invest The Lunar market seems to have cooled somewhat over the last couple of years, a good thing given the ridiculous numbers issued annually just half a decade ago, Fortunately, the mints have taken the opportunity to heart, with a noticeable increase in quality. The Perth Mints iconic Lunar Series reached its third go around last year and introduced a vastly better look, as did the Royal Mint. In our view, the best new introduction of the last few years has been CIT's superb fully dimensional coins, [...]

REVOLUTIONARIES (2014-2022) by CIT Coin Invest


2014-2022 REVOLUTIONARIES by CIT Coin Invest A fantastic subject for a coin series, the worlds revolutionary figures have, often for the wrong reasons, entered popular culture in ways that are hard to tie in with the historical people. They often have outsized reputations enhanced by tall tales and iconic photographs. Despite their ubiquity worldwide, they've appeared on hardly any modern coins over the last decade. CIT Coin Invest have helped rectify that, and have done so with some style. The new series debuted back in 2014 and was a one-ounce fine silver issue - one of [...]

WILDLIFE PROTECTION (2007-2019) by CIT Coin Invest


2007-2019 WILDLIFE PROTECTION by Coin Invest Trust As well as the Tiffany Art series, another range of coins from Liechtenstein-based producer Coin Invest Trust (CIT) has accumulated awards and plaudits over its lifetime - Wildlife Protection. There are actually quite a few similarities between the two flagship ranges. Both are high-relief, both are antique-finished, and both have an insert set within them. With a first debut back in 2007, some three years after Tiffany first appeared, it wasn't long before the awards starting coming in, the first coin winning the Krause Coin of the Year [...]

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