We wish all our friends and readers the very best Christmas, and a 2022 better than 2021

Okay, we did say last year that we hoped 2021 was better than 2020, but that obviously hasn’t worked out brilliantly. However, we’re going to try again and wish everyone a much better 2022. It hasn’t started well, with the news that the calendar’s flagship coin show, the Berlin World Money Fair, has again been cancelled, and replaced with a digital one, but we’re hopeful things will improve worldwide next year. At least collectors will be pleased with the super quality of releases through 2021, with great bullion coins and rounds, and some simply stunning numismatic releases.

It’s been a tough year here, but we’re doing okay and looking forward to great things in 22. Thank you all for visiting my little site. I hope you’ve found it helpful and interesting, and discovered something nice, that you’ve treated yourself, or a loved one too. Thank you to our sponsors, without whom (and I’m not kidding), this site wouldn’t exist. Your support is hugely appreciated. Thank you also to those that have made a donation to the site. I know most think we sit here making a fortune, but it really isn’t the case, and we very much need continued support just to keep going, so if you’d like to donate anything at all, please be sure it’s going to keep the site coming along. We’ve had only 15 or so people ever donate to the site, and we thank all of you.

Have a fantastic break over the holidays, take the time to relax. I usually have just a couple of days off, but this year we’re having a proper break to fully recharge. I’m tired and need to switch off for a short while, but we’re back on 3rd January. There will be a couple of posts going up this week, articles already started, and a couple of photoshoots (Pobjoy kindly loaned us one of their Queen’s Beasts coins to photograph), but much quieter than usual. I’ll read all the comments and answer all the emails, however.

My best wishes to you all and to all your loved ones. Have an incredible holiday, wherever you are.