We just published our comprehensive guide to Harry Potter on coins. Bigger than we thought!

We’ve noticed a big uptick in the number of Harry Potter coins hitting the market and thought a quick round-up would make thing easier to follow for you. It’s obviously a popular subject given the numbers, but we had no idea just how many there were. To say I don’t want to see another Potter coin for a while would be a gross understatement, but we started, so we finished.

It’s a comprehensive round-up of over 125 coins from all of the major producers of them. Like all our profiles and guides, we’ll keep it up to date (indeed, a new addition is due tomorrow!). This was a huge amount of work collating a set of images and specs from multiple sources, and then laying it all out, but our new refresh means it does look nice at least. Not a genre for everyone, this kind of coin nevertheless remains an important part of the modern numismatic market, with almost every major mint having some presence in the popular culture franchises today. Anyway, back to normal service tomorrow, and don’t forget to leave comments below, and perhaps suggestions for future guides and profiles. We’re concentrating on bullion next. The Potter coin can be found on the main menu under Thematic Coin Guides