Pik Coins returns to the true crime genre with one of the world’s most notorious criminals – Pablo Escobar

True crime is a huge genre in popular culture, with a wide swathe of interest in film, television, magazines, books and novels, amongst other things. Pik Coins have embraced the subject, releasing a succession of silver issues featuring gangsters from history, and even recently, from the world of television drama. Their latest will be a bit more controversial. Pablo Escobar built up a criminal empire almost unprecedented in scope, employing violence and corruption to grow tendrils around the globe.

It would take a huge article to cover it all, but the video lower down does a great job. Because of the relatively recent nature of this figure, we were a little hesitant to feature the coin, but a quick search has multiple Pablo Escobar coins (usually paint jobs on bullion) already doing the rounds, and none have the standing in the genre like this producer, so here we are. He’s also the subject of countless films, TV series and books, so it would seem hypocritical to not cover his numismatic presence.

The coin is a two-ounce silver one, antique finished, and struck with high relief. The reverse face sums up Escobar’s image, showing him standing in front of his 7,000 acre Hacienda Napoles estate, where his infamous zoo resided. The four hippos he kept were left to roam free. At the time of writing, there are almost 170 of the creatures roaming around descended from them. Colombia is taking steps to remove them, with fears they could grow to a population of a thousand over the next decade!! One of his private jets flies overhead.

The obverse depicts a street map of Medellin, in Colombia, along with a small map of the whole country. There’s a faux currency inscribed in a ring-fenced area, complete with a pair of crossed pistols. The coin comes boxed with a Certificate of Authenticity, and should be available to order shortly.

DENOMINATION One Billion Besos (faux currency)
COMPOSITION 62.2 g of 0.999 silver
FINISH Antique