It was a decade ago that the hit television series Peaky Blinders had its debut, and PiK Coins celebrates in silver

A wonderful television series, Peaky Blinders told the story of a criminal gang fighting for control of the streets of early 20th century Birmingham. Headlined by a brilliant Cillian Murphy, and with an outstanding ensemble cast, it rightly attracted huge amounts of positive feedback, and massive popularity, particularly in its native UK. The family crime syndicate storyline was reminiscent of another fantastic series – The Sopranos.

We did cover a Peaky Blinders coin from Precious Metal Collectors earlier this year, which was an unusual razor-blade shape, but that was based on the historical gang, not the TV show. PiK Coins have been fortunate to get an official licence, and thus use of the distinctive characters within it. They’re releasing a new series of two-ounce silver coins, antique-finished, and with gilded highlights, each of which will star one of the major characters.

What better place to kick it off than with the boss himself, Tommy Shelby. Admittedly, we only have a render at present, but it does show a remarkable portrayal of the character from the show, with Cillian Murphy instantly recognisable in the role. The trademark flat cap, and snappy clothing are all present and correct, with the machine gun slung over his shoulder a nice touch. The smaller image to the left is super iconic. The background field is a curtain of pocket watch chains, a Tommy Shelby affectation. The obverse depicts what are arguably the three most important characters, Tommy, Arthur Shelby, and Aunt Polly, armed, and walking down the middle of the street between two rows of terraced houses. There’s an official anniversary logo to the right, and the Niue coat-of-arms to the top. The coin will come boxed, with a Certificate of Authenticity, and just 1,000 pieces will be struck.

This looks to be another terrific coin (it’s been a great week!!), with a fascinating and unique subject, The artwork render we have here is extremely promising, and hopefully, we can get some real-world images of the finished article soon, which we’ll post up. We suspect it will live up to expectations. Available to order shortly.

COMPOSITION 62.2 g of 0.999 silver
FINISH Antique, black proof
MODIFICATIONS High-relief, gilding