Precious Metal Collectors release a new copper-cored silver coin by order of the Peaky Blinders

Slick demeanour, lots of violence, and one of the best theme tunes around, Peaky Blinders is one of our favourite television shows of all time. Not everybody knows, however, that it has its roots in history. Operating from the late 19th century to around 1910, and sometimes having almost 1,000 members, the Peaky Blinders operated in Birmingham, and their criminal activities were extensive, encompassing bookmaking, assault, extortion, fraud, murder, rape, fencing, hooliganism, bribery, smuggling, hijacking and robbery.

Amongst their signature outfits were the now famous peaked caps, although the embedded razor blades in the peak were unlikely to be true, given the razor blade only arrived in the UK in 1908. A ‘blinder’ also refers to a suave appearance, and their smart clothing is likely the inspiration for that. Nevertheless, they remained a serious force in the city until supplanted by others later in the 1910s, even killing police officcers, and violence against civilians.

A terrific idea for a coin, PMC have utilised their Bi-Metal Max process, which has wrapped a troy ounce of silver around a core of 2.5 oz of copper. The result is a coin that hits 60 x 30 mm, is thick, and quite affordable for its size. The design does tap into the modern mythos, and is shaped like a razor blade, giving the coin a quite unique appearance. It features a typical scene of gang violence – one that manages to look quite British, rather than just another bastardisation of a prohibition-era gangster movie. Full marks for that, and for the excellent use of high-relief. It’s available in either a clean antiqued finish, or one enhanced with some colour.

The obverse does carry the razor blade theme further, and is adorned with the phrase popularised by the TV show, ‘BY ORDER OF’, as well as the coat-of-arms of the Republic of Chad, and the issue details. The coin will come in a box, whose front carries the mugshot of one of the criminals, one taken in 1904 of the 25yr old Stephen McNickle ,and has a Certificate of Authenticity within it. The combined mintage is just 688 pieces. Available to order now.


Street gangs were once the law and final word in many parts of England, and the Peaky Blinders are arguably the most famous of these gangs. Based in Birmingham, England, from the 1880s to the 1910s, this group was formulated in response to the harsh economic conditions of working-class Britain during this period. The members were lower or middle-class boys and men who were involved in robberies, racketeering, bookmaking, gambling, and other illegal pursuits. Violence was a daily occurrence for this group, and they were often embroiled in street wars with other gangs. The reason for the name Peaky Blinder was that the gang would stitch razor blades into the peaks of their hats, which could be used as weapons.

The name might be apocryphal, but it is hard to say. Another idea about the name of the game was that it was simply a reference to the shape of their hats. This group eventually carved out some political clout for itself then declined in the 1930s. As the events that would lead to WWII began to take place and the social fabric of Britain changed into a welfare state, street gangs dwindled and then vanished. There is a certain bloodthirsty romance to the time period where these youthful gangsters ruled the streets of Britain, but their contemporaries probably did not feel this fondness at all.

DENOMINATION 5,000 Francs CFA (Chad)
COMPOSITION 31.1 g of 0.999 silver over 2.5 oz copper
DIMENSIONS 60.0 x 30.0 mm
FINISH Antique
MODIFICATIONS High-relief, optional colour
MINTAGE 688 combined