MCI-Mints portfolio of meteorite coins increases with a pair from the Red Planet

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The latest in the ever burgeoning meteorite coin market has launched and it's from one of the big players in this genre, MCI-Mint. The German mint/coin producer has issued some fine designs over the years, including a few of the difficult to strike domed coins that are another of the current hot trends in modern numismatics. [...]

MCI-Mint launch a five-ounce domed meteorite coin with origins on Mercury

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A second high-end meteorite coin this week comes from old hand MCI-Mint in Germany. Like the three-ounce coin released by Numiscollect earlier this week, this is one of the bigger releases in this genre, coming in at a full five-ounces of fine antiqued silver, not the first time MCI have gone so large having previously [...]

MCI-MINT releases a Tazerzait Meteorite coin for Niger, the country it crashed into

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A blistering hot day in Tahoua, a region in the west of the African country Niger, and a seven-year-old Tuareg boy tracking a stray goat looks up at the sky and witnesses a flaming ball fall from the sky and impact the ground. It is the afternoon of 21 August 1991, and the Taizerzait meteorite had [...]

MCI extends its Prehistoric Animals range with the tyrant-lizard itself, Tyrannosaurus Rex

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German coin producer MCI-Mint has added to its range of prehistoric animal coins with a new debut featuring the most well-known dinosaur in the world, Tyrannosaurus Rex. Over the last few years, MCI have expanded their range but in a different way to most other producers. Instead of releasing lots of different subjects, MCI pick a subject [...]

Deep Impact Week: Large meteorite coin launches that’s both domed and five ounces in weight

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Deep Impact week powers on with a fine piece combing two popular trends into a single design. The first of those trends is the increasing use of five-ounces as a weight for numismatics. The second is the hit status afforded to domed coins. With Sikhote Alin being a 5oz coin and the Mint of Polands Solar [...]

MCI launch the biggest meteorite coin to date with a kilo version of Campo del Cielo

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Easily one of the most popular subjects for coins, meteorite coins have been on a veritable mini-boom for around half a decade now. We recently obtained early information on  a new 5oz meteorite-embedded design billed as the biggest in the world. Sadly, it isn't even close when compared to this new 1-kilogram (32.15 oz) [...]

Benin Elephant ‘Protection De La Nature’ silver bullion coin series continues into 2016

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The newest in German coin producer MCI-Mints ever expanding Silverline silver bullion coins has now launched, and it's the keenly awaited 2016 entrant in their popular Benin Elephant 'Protection de la Nature' range. This is the third annual release for Benin, the first in 2014 spawning several variants such as gilded and kilo coins, [...]

MCI-Mint extends its range of meteorite adorned coins with the biggest moon rock found on Earth

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Meteorite coins have become a very popular genre of coins over the last decade, with early examples now fetching serious money, easily ten times the issue price. Virtually always silver coins, they're distinguished by incorporating a piece of an actual specific meteorite within the design. Three coin producers in particular have been popularising these designs, the Liechtenstein-based Coin Invest [...]

MCI join the meteorite coin field with new, limited, fragment adorned silver coin UPDATED

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Coins featuring embedded meteorite fragments have been hitting the market since the last decade and many have seen some quite healthy levels of appreciation on the secondary market. Back in 2014 the Mint of Poland launched the first in their own series of coins, this time combining the usual meteorite fragment with an ultra-high relief strike. The resulting Canyon [...]

MCI Mints popular 2015 Benin Elephant gets new double-sized proof and antique siblings

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Leipzig-based mint, MCI launched a new series of one-ounce silver bullion coins back in early 2014 and the coin went on to be a big success. Following that up, a new Benin Elephant design debuted in 2015 and was likewise well-regarded. Unlike the big guns in the silver bullion coin world, the Benin Elephant is strictly limited to a [...]

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