Deep Impact week powers on with a fine piece combing two popular trends into a single design. The first of those trends is the increasing use of five-ounces as a weight for numismatics. The second is the hit status afforded to domed coins. With Sikhote Alin being a 5oz coin and the Mint of Polands Solar System:Moon being domed, meteorite coins have ventured into this coins domain before, but none have combined the two attributes as we see here. Domed coins in particular are quite difficult to strike without distortion, so we can only imagine that doing a coin with a 60mm diameter must have been a tough technical feat for BH Mayer in Germany. Produced by MCI-Mint, only 130 pieces will be made available.

Struck in fine silver, it’s a fine design, if a little too close to the aforementioned Mint of Poland effort, and it’s priced for what might seem a hefty chunk of change at over €750. There’s a very good reason for that, and for the relatively small size of the meteorite chunk embedded in the centre of the obverse. The Moon-meteorite that is featured on this coin, NWA 8599, is reportedly one of the most expensive meteorites in the world to buy fragments of. Discovered as recently as 2014 in North West Africa (hence the NWA designation), the whole meteorite weighed just 36.5g. With 130 of these coins being produced, it’s fairly obvious that the embedded fragment on each one would be a significant proprtion of the selling price of each coin. This truly is a coin with huge appeal to meteorite collectors themselves, and not just to us.

Available to ship now, this great looking coin issued for the African state of Mali comes packaged in a custom wooden box and with Certificates of Authenticity for both the coin and the meteorite fragment.


5,000 FRANCS CFA 0.999 SILVER 155.5 g 60.15 mm ANTIQUE 130 YES / YES