April, 2017

First silver coin issued for five seperate countries and carrying all five national emblems debuts

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First silver coin issued for five seperate countries and carrying all five national emblems debuts The commemorative coin market relies heavily on smaller countries around the world allowing them to be issued in their name. It's a mutually beneficial agreement that brings in much needed income in many cases (Niue Island has a population of less than 2,000, for example) and on the flipside allows a greater [...]

March, 2016

MCI-Mint launch a five-ounce domed meteorite coin with origins on Mercury

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A second high-end meteorite coin this week comes from old hand MCI-Mint in Germany. Like the three-ounce coin released by Numiscollect earlier this week, this is one of the bigger releases in this genre, coming in at a full five-ounces of fine antiqued silver, not the first time MCI have gone so large having previously launched a domed coin like this with a moon meteorite theme. The big selling point [...]

December, 2015

Deep Impact Week: Large meteorite coin launches that’s both domed and five ounces in weight

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Deep Impact week powers on with a fine piece combing two popular trends into a single design. The first of those trends is the increasing use of five-ounces as a weight for numismatics. The second is the hit status afforded to domed coins. With Sikhote Alin being a 5oz coin and the Mint of Polands Solar System:Moon being domed, meteorite coins have ventured into this coins domain before, but none have [...]

April, 2015


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Just a few days ago we wrote about a new antique-finish silver coin from German coin producer MCI-Mint featuring the biggest land carnivore in world history, the Spinosaurus. We learned at the time that there was to be a proof finish version released by another, but carrying the same design. That coin has now launched and does indeed have exactly the same specification as the antique coin. One major difference that may mean the [...]


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The latest from German mint, MCI has been launched and happily it's a dinosaur coin. As the Royal Canadian Mint series 'Canadian Dinosaurs' and the Austrian Mints 'Prehistoric Life' range have recently finished, and with the Perth Mint series 'Australian Age of Dinosaurs' almost over, it's extremely disappointing that the prehistoric world is fading from numismatics at a time when dinosaurs have never been more popular. MCI have always had an affinity for the [...]