Bullion sales graphs updated. Perth Mint sees record gold sales, American Eagles just potter along.

Just a quick heads up that our Bullion Sales graphs have been updated to the end of October. They chart the last ten years of sales for gold and silver bullion at the Perth Mint, and at the United States Mint (Eagle sales). We’re quite pleased with the readability of these, and they show monthly sales in a way that lets you compare that same month to earlier years, and letting you know which are the most popular months overall.

We’d like to go back to reporting on the Royal Canadian Mint numbers, but they’ve changed the way they report, and we’d also like to cover the Austrian Mint’s Philharmonic bullion range, but they don’t seem to issue figures in the same way. If that changes, we’ll add them.

We’ve added the last five months numbers, and the takeaway is mixed. The US Mint’s gold and silver Eagles seem to be ticking over at a steady, but subdued level. However, the Perth Mint has just seen explosive gold numbers for October, at 183,102 ounces, almost 60,000 more than the previous record for the last decade, at least. Silver is doing quite as well, but numbers have been uniformly excellent in 2022, so we’re sure they’re not displeased. Check them out at our BULLION SALES PAGE.