The Royal Mint’s 21-issue ‘British Monarchs’ collection continues with its second Hanoverian king, George II,the eighth release to date

Continuing to power its way through this 21-coin multi-year programme of proof gold and silver coins, the Royal Mint is today releasing the eighth in the British Monarchs series. The collection spans the Royal Houses of Tudor, Stuart, Hanover, and finally the current incumbents, Saxe-Coburg, Gotha & Windsor. The aim of this range is to reproduce in ‘high definition’, basically taking original coins back to an idealised look, as if freshly struck with more detail. The latest issue is the second Hanoverian king, George II.

King George II ruled Great Britain and Ireland from 1727 to 1760. Born in 1683, he was the last British monarch born outside of Britain. His reign was marked by conflicts like the War of the Austrian Succession and the Seven Years’ War. Despite his limited political influence, George II’s reign saw significant developments in British society, including the growth of parliamentary power and the expansion of the British Empire. His tumultuous relationship with his father, George I, influenced his rule. George II’s death in 1760 marked the end of the House of Hanover’s direct male line.

The coin chosen this time is the George II Gold Guinea, a popular denomination, valued at one pound and 1 shilling, and widely used in trade and commerce. The obverse of the coin typically featured a portrait of King George II, by John Croaker, while the reverse displayed the image of a crowned shield with the arms of Britain and France. We only get the obverse, of course, with the old shield reverse replaced by a modern effigy of King Charles III.

The usual selection of formats returns unchanged, with prices ranging from a one-ounce silver proof at a hefty £102.50, to a two-ounce gold at £5,305.00 (the press release again did not mention the 5oz gold). In addition, the outstanding two-coin historical set returns, still consisting of a new 2 oz gold coin, and an original George II Guinea. Only 20 sets will be available for £7,995.00 and the Guinea will be graded as a fine, at least. All are available to order later today, and come boxed with a certificate of Authenticity. To see the full range to date, check out our Coin Series Profile.


The British Monarch’s Collection from The Royal Mint draws on more than 500 years of history to reimagine coinage portraits from the reigns of legendary kings and queens. Each coin in the collection features a remastering of an original portrait that would have appeared on coinage during the time of each respective monarch’s reign.

The latest release in the collection celebrates George II. The second Hanoverian king acceded to the throne on the death of his father in 1727. His reign oversaw a significant period in British history, including the establishment of the parliamentary system we know today. George II was the last British monarch to ride into battle alongside his troops, and was Britain’s longest-living monarch at the time of his death.

Originally created by John Croker, the design that inspired the latest coin in our British Monarchs Collection appeared on a five-guinea piece. The coin is available in a range of sizes, including a one ounce and two-ounce gold and silver Proof, along with a five-ounce and ten-ounce silver Proof edition. A booklet detailing the life and reign of George II and the coinage of his time accompanies each coin in the range.

COMPOSITION 0.9999 gold 0.9999 gold 0.9999 gold
WEIGHT 156.30 grams 62.42 grams 31.21 grams
DIMENSIONS 50.0 mm 40.0 mm 32.69 mm
COMPOSITION 0.999 silver 0.999 silver 0.999 silver 0.999 silver
WEIGHT 312.59 grams 156.30 grams 62.86 grams 31.21 grams
DIMENSIONS 65.0 mm 65.0 mm 40.0 mm 38.61 mm
LEP MINTAGE 100 250 600 1,350
MAX MINTAGE 106 256 606 1360