The Robert Pattison headlined The Batman movie gets a three-ounce silver coin bar replete with high relief

With a premiere in early 2022, the Matt Reeves helmed, Robert Pattinson starred superhero film, The Batman, launched to excellent reviews, quite something in an industry suffering from superhero fatigue. The film eschewed the usual mass of CGI, and instead focused on what was essentially a detective story, taking this most iconic of comic book characters back to its roots.

Nominated for over 150 awards, including 3 Oscars, its unique look and feel invigorated a character battered with poor writing since Christopher Nolan’s seminal trilogy ended. We’ve already seen some coins for the movie, with the ever present New Zealand Mint doing some decent ones, but a new one from MDM and Chitown Coin & Company, is an excellent addition.

It’s a three-ounce fine silver coin, rectangular in format, and antique-finished. The reverse face has an impressively high-relief depiction of The Batman on it, choosing to do away with complex backgrounds, so they can focus on the character in isolation. It’s a great effort, in our view, with a realistic interpretation of a fantasy character. It makes a nice change from the usual cartoonish brute look we often get in this genre, and fits in well with the spirit of the blockbuster.

The coin comes beautifully presented in a wooden box with brass-looking hinges, and with a fully themed Certificate of Authenticity. Best of all, the mintage of the coin is an exceptionally tight 250 pieces, and only a few remain as we’re a bit late in covering this one. It came to our attention when we were putting the finishing touches to our DC Comics Thematic Guide, to sit alongside the Marvel Comics one. That should go live tomorrow, as we’ve been working on finishing it all day. As for the coin, one of the last few can be bought direct from Chitown, and it’s ready for shipping at the end of next month.

DENOMINATION $5  (Barbados)
COMPOSITION 93.3 g of 0.999 silver
DIMENSIONS 42.0 x 88.0 mm
FINISH Antique