The innovation continues in Coins Today’s Stackable silver bullion range with a three size interlocking Lotus Flower design

It was only a few days ago, with our coverage of Germania Mint’s new Runes series, that we said ‘simple ideas are almost always the most effective’, and the latest in a comprehensive range of stackable silver offerings from South Korean producer, Coins Today, is further proof of that. This range has some very complex designs in it, especially the shield designs, but they’re all essentially a single issue, stackable with itself.

This release is different. The Lotus Flower is a staple visual element of Asian culture, and a thing of beauty. What CTK have done here is produce a silver Lotus flower in five ounces of silver, with a raised pistil at its centre. In isolation, it’s a simple, but very pretty design, but added to the 5oz coin are 2.5oz, and 0.5oz variants. As you’ll notice from the images below, the central pistil is the same for all of them, right down to size, making them inter-stackable. Put one of each together, and the end result looks outstanding.

The individual pieces are all antique-finished, as most of this type of product is, and it seems to work particularly well here. As we said, as simple idea, but a very effective one. If you’re wondering what that little hole in one of the petals of the five-ounce version is, it’s an incense holder, for when you want to get down and trippy with your stack.

We can see this kind of multi-sized interchangeability having quite a
few applications, particularly with a more mechanically minded theme,
but we’ll leave CTK to work their magic on that front. Available shortly, you can buy these undenominated coins individually, In addition, there’s an attractive box which will hold one of each size, which we’d imagine would make an outstandingly original gift for the stacker in your life. As you can tell, we really like this one, and premiums aren’t usually excessive given the originality.

LARGE Unlimited 155.5 g of 0.999 silver 90.0 mm Antique
MEDIUM Unlimited 77.75 g of 0.999 silver 60.0 mm Antique
SMALL Unlimited 15.55 g of 0.999 silver 30.05 mm Antique