The East India Company marks the 250th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party with a new proof coin range

The Boston Tea Party, that took place on December 16, 1773, was a protest organized by the Sons of Liberty, a group of American colonists, against the British government’s imposition of a tax on tea. Disguised as Native Americans, the protestors boarded three British ships docked in Boston Harbor and dumped 342 chests of tea into the water, causing substantial financial loss to the British East India Company. This act of defiance fuelled the flames of revolution and played a pivotal role in the American Revolutionary War, ultimately leading to the birth of a new nation.

However, while it was a trigger point, the existing conflicts were more deeply rooted. The British had attempted to secure lands to the west for Native Americans, for example, something fought against by the colonists and other colonial powers. While pushed as a fight against oppressive tyranny, like most historical events, it’s considerably more nuanced, and the war was certainly no fight between good and evil, the popular narrative.

We’re great admirers of the Icons of Inspiration bullion coin series, and the chief reason for that is the excellent work by artist Joel Iskowitz. His work on this coin is equally outstanding, managing to encapsulate the core of the event in a single scene, exhibiting natural perspective without glaring compromises. We’d say that Iskowitz certainly understands his canvas perfectly. Indeed, the whole coin is a fine commemoration of the event.

There are six coins in the range, headlined by a gold pair in 5 oz and 1 oz weights. Silver is very well served, with 1 oz 2 oz, 5 oz, and 1 kg weights. All are struck to a proof finish, with the notable exception of the 2 oz silver, which is both antique finished, and struck to a high relief. We don’t have good images of that one yet, but may revisit with a Quicklook when we do. The presentation of each coin is first class, with a nicely themed box, including some actual tea, a fact-packed booklet, and even a board from the period game Nine Man’s Morris, on its base. A great release, it will go on sale at the end of the month, and you can register interest HERE.


The Boston Tea Party, which occurred on December 16th, 1773, ignited the flames of the American Revolution. The limited-edition coin collection showcases a captivating design by renowned American coin artist Joel Iskowitz to celebrate this historic eve. The artwork captures the scene as the Sons of Liberty, led by Samuel Adams and John Hancock, boarded the East India Company ships in Boston Harbour to peacefully protest against the oppressive taxes imposed by the British Parliament.

The meticulously crafted coins feature an evocative depiction of the Sons of Liberty, disguised as Native Americans, pouring valuable chests of East India Company tea overboard. This peaceful rebellion symbolises the colonists’ determination to stand up against “taxation without representation” and the beginning of a revolution that would shape the destiny of a nation and the world.

Available in a limited-edition range of gold and silver, each coin is dated 2023, emphasising its significance as a commemorative item for the 250th anniversary. The obverse of the coins showcases the new coinage portrait of King Charles III, adding a touch of majestic elegance to these collector’s items.

“We are delighted to release this limited-edition coin collection in honour of the 250th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party”, said Sanjiv Mehta, Chairman and CEO of The East India Company.” These coins serve as a tangible reminder of the courage and determination exhibited by the Sons of Liberty and their pivotal role in shaping American history. We invite collectors and history enthusiasts to acquire these extraordinary coins and participate in this momentous occasion.”

The magnificent coin collection captures the moonlit scene as the Sons of Liberty poured 41 metric tonnes of tea into Boston Harbour, and each coin’s gleaming, proof-quality finish emphasises every detail of the design. Offering a unique opportunity to own a piece of history and commemorate the enduring legacy of the Boston Tea Party, collectors can choose from the following range:

SPECIFICATION (# – to be confirmed)
# £ (St. Helena) 155.5 g of 0.9999 gold # mm Proof 25
# £5 (St. Helena) 31.1 g of 0.9999 gold # 32.0 mm Proof 250
# £ (St. Helena) 1,000.0 g of 0.999 silver # 100.0 mm Proof 100
# £ (St. Helena) 155.5 g of 0.999 silver # 65.0 mm Proof 500
# £ (St. Helena) 62.2 g of 0.999 silver # 45.0 mm Antique 750
# £ (St. Helena) 31.1 g of 0.999 silver # 38.6 mm Proof 5,000