Retrofuturism is the subject of MTB/PAMP’s latest shaped coin series, a stylish nod to the Golden Age of sci-fi

Who doesn’t long for a simpler time? The modern world bombards us on a daily basis with reams of information requiring attention, constant floods of news, often negative (because that’s what a news media transitioned from a service to entertainment thinks is more lucrative), and numerous ways to invade our downtime. When you look back at the early-mid 20th century, there was such an optimism for the future, much of it overly ambitious, of course, but it was clear where the imaginative thought we were going. Utopia.

Retrofuturism is a look back at those earlier visions, revisiting the amazing artwork and technology ‘to come’ that adorned countless science-fiction book covers, movies and magazine articles – perhaps harking back to those simpler and more optimistic times. What we do know, is that it’s a huge, fantastical source of inspiration for a coin series, and MTB/PAMP have chosen to do just that, using the format that has become hugely popular through their various nature-themed issues over the last few years.

The first coin is, in our opinion, an absolute bullseye of a design. That fabulous 50’s sci-fi movie aesthetic is in full force here – the sleek rocket ship, alien landscape, and ringed planet are all in evidence here, enhanced by a bold, but not overdone, application of colour. The star of the show is the way that the mint has incorporated the design into its modded circle style of shaped strike. The planetary rings and the ends of the rocket extend out past what would’ve been the border of a standard coin in such a way that it looks completely natural.

The obverse of this Solomon Islands issue has the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II of Planet Bongo in the centre, surrounded by that old atomic pattern. The background field has a printed circuit-board pattern in it (ironically the only design element a little out of place for the theme), and that also carries the date and the coin serial number.

The packaging is as neat as ever, comprising a tray inside a themed slipcase, which has some beautiful artwork on it. It’s a one-ounce proof silver coin with a mintage of 2,500 pieces. Straight up, we think this is a wonderful idea that’s been exceptionally well realised. It’s going to be a pleasure to see what comes next. It could be flying cars, robots, wonder-weapons, space exploration, – the list is almost endless – but on the evidence of this debut release, it will be worth waiting for. This particular coin, and we assume series, is exclusively distributed by US dealer Glines & Rhodes Precious Metals, and it should be available to order from today. We love it.

DENOMINATION $2 Solomon Islands
COMPOSITION 0.9999 silver
WEIGHT 31.1 grams
DIMENSIONS 40.3 x 43.9 mm
MODIFICATIONS Shaped, colour
BOX / C.O.A. Yes / Yes