Deadly & Dangerous returns as a six-coin minigold set from Downies

One of the most sought after and hotly anticipated series in the coin world back around its late noughties debut, Deadly & Dangerous rose to prominence on the back of a now iconic Red-back Spider design. A new one-ounce silver has been issued every year since 2006 and the latest, the Lionfish, is the fourteenth to join the series. Struck by the Perth Mint for Australian dealer Downies, the series continues to find fans, although is no longer the powerhouse it once was.

Downies have decided to expand the scope of the series with a foray into the popular minigold market. They’ve chosen six animals previously showcased and using all-new designs, issued a six-coin set of cleanly struck half-gram fine gold coins. The first five silver coins are represented here, but the sixth is strangely absent, with the producer choosing the 2018 Dingo over the expected Box Jellyfish.

We like the artwork chosen for these. To be honest, in most cases we prefer the base design to those used on the originals, although the 2006 spider coin is one we feel will never grow old. The shark, crocodile and jellyfish coins are very well realised for their 11 mm diameter. The common obverse remains the Ian Rank Broadley effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, but these are issued for Solomon Islands instead of the usual Tuvalu.

Not available individually, if you want these, it will be as a set of all six. The coins are not the usual 0.9999 gold, but only 14kt (0.580). A nice big version of the pretty gloss-black wood box holds the set and there will be a maximum of 5,000 sets available. They can be ordered now directly from Downies for just shy of 600 AUD.

DENOMINATION $1 Solomon Islands
COMPOSITION 0.5850 gold
WEIGHT 0.5 grams
FINISH Prooflike
BOX / COA Yes / Yes