Music Day continues with CIT and MDM heading into heavier rock with Iron Maiden and Motorhead

We started the day with a look at the Royal Mint’s new George Michael coin, but the coin world is no stranger to music, with hard rock/heavy metal being the usual subject of choice. Bands like AC/DC, and Iron Maiden, have wide selections of coins, and the latter of them gets a new addition here, as well as the first for another iconic band.

Iron Maiden are in CIT’s portfolio, and they’ve chosen to base their designs, now nine in number, around the band’s signature ‘Eddie’ character, a popular icon on the many album covers that have graced Iron Maiden’s portfolio since 1975. CIT have used many of their own signature techniques on this range, from smartminting to black proof, but this latest coin is the most impressive to date.

The subject this time is the English band’s 16th studio album, ‘The Book of Souls’, released in September 2015, and going on to top the album charts in 24 countries. The cover of that album has a zombified image of Eddie, and it’s this that CIT has reproduced using high-relief smartminting. It’s a very striking looking design, expertly adding a third dimension to the original, and with some cool background patterns added just for the coin. Eddie would be proud!



Sitting alongside that coin, CIT have also issued one of their rare silver foil banknotes, featuring the same imagery from the album cover, but obviously sans high-relief. These are neat, and affordable ways to get a big silver design, and The Book of Souls is only the second Iron Maiden release to get one, following the release of Senjutsu in 2022. The 5 grams of silver is sealed inside an acrylic sleeve.

Joining CIT in the metal scene is German producer, MDM, who have brought equally iconic English band, Motörhead, to the party. Fronted by the legendary Lemmy Kilmister, like Iron Maiden, they were created in London in 1975, and went on to release 23 studio albums, and 27 others in a career spanning 40 years. They disbanded in 2015 after Lemmy’s death.

The MDM coin doesn’t concentrate on a single album, but does take a similar approach to the band as CIT, by using their signature logo, in this case, the Motörhead War-Pig ‘Snaggletooth’. This was created by artist Joe Petagno in 1977, for the band’s debut album, and appeared in one form or another on 20 of their 22 studio albums. The coin reproduces it perfectly, with a dark antique finish, and some gilded highlights. Again, it’s hard to imagine fans of the band not being happy with the design. We don’t yet have confirmation on the obverse design (it should be for Barbados), but packaging will be a round silver tin, with the heart logo on the lid. If the coin is successful, we can see it spawning a series.


BOOK OF SOULS $10 CID (Cook Islands) 62.2 g of 0.999 silver 38.61 mm Antique 300
SILVER FOIL $1 CID (Cook Islands) 5.0 g of 0.999 silver 150.0 x 70.0 mm Proof-like 5,000
MOTÖRHEAD $5 (Barbados) T.B.C. 31.1 g of 0.999 silver 40.0 mm Black antique 1,975