WMF20: Superspy James Bond 007 joins the growing selection of licenced silver and gold bullion coins for the first time

After seeing the bullion market expanded with a multitude of media licenced designs, from Disney and Star Wars, to Star Trek and marvel, it comes as no surprise to see that perennial favourite of the action movie genre – James Bond – jump into the fray. Emanating from fan favourite bullion producer, the Perth Mint, this is an issue for Tuvalu, as expected.

Starting out with the most iconic symbol of the suave British secret agent, Lucas Bowers has put together something instantly recognisable. This is always a sensible option when you’re starting out, especially when you understand just how difficult it is working with some of these movie studios. The mints don’t have anything like the freedom of design that they would have with a regular issue.

Two formats are to be produced – a 1oz silver and a 1oz gold. You’ll be able to pick these up as standard encapsulated bullion coins, but there will also be a limited number availale directly from the Perth Mint that are mounted to a blistercard. Those familiar with similar items like the Australian Stock Horse and The Simpsons will know what to expect. The silver has a total mintage of 30,000 units, of which 3,000 will come on the blisterpack, while there will be 5,000 gold coins, with a similar 10% offered on the card.

Joining the bullion is a proof version, also of an ounce in weight and struck in the Perth Mints distinctive concave high relief format. Packaging on this is much nicer, of course, and the 007 in the centre is shaken not stirred gilded. This version comes in at $130.00 AUD, double the price of the card-mounted bullion version, but is clearly going to be a superior strike. All are available today.



This coin celebrates the fictional British Secret Service agent James Bond, also known as 007. Created by author Ian Fleming in 1953, Producers Albert R. ‘Cubby’ Broccoli and Harry Saltzman brought Bond to cinema screens for the first time in 1962 with Dr. No. More than 50 years later James Bond continues to entertain and excite audiences around the world in one of the longest running and successful film franchises.

James Bond is one of a handful of elite agents with a ‘licence to kill’, denoted by a code name beginning with ‘00’. The 007 gun logo was designed by Joseph Caroff under Creative Director David Chasman of United Artists. Together with the franchise’s signature opening sequence, which portrays Bond at the centre of a stylised gun barrel at the beginning of every film, the 007 gun logo has become synonymous with the character.

COMPOSITION 0.9999 silver 0.9999 gold 0.9999 silver
WEIGHT 31.107 grams 31.107 grams 31.107 grams
DIMENSIONS 40.9 mm 32.6 mm 32.6 mm
FINISH Bullion Bullion Proof
MODIFICATIONS None None High-relief, Gilding
MINTAGE 30,000 5,000 5,000
BOX / C.O.A. No / No No / No Yes / Yes