Last June, Perth-based coin producer Treasures of Oz, released an all new bullion coin issued for the Pacific island of Tokelau depicting the Kakahi Yellowfin Tuna. After some early quality problems that ultimately led to a change in finish, the coin has proven a good example of the breed and was recently followed on by a new, quite dynamic looking, Great White Shark coin.

As regular issuers of the tiny 0.5 gram gold coins that seem to be getting increasingly popular, Treasures of Oz have gone ahead and issued a version of the Tuna in the diminutive format. For me, the design works superbly at this size, and they’re to be commended for the amount of detail that’s been retained in the coins 11mm diameter, no doubt aided by the choice of the German Mayer Mint to do the actual strike. Anyone that’s bought a Mini-Roo or similar will find much to like here, and with only 1,500 being minted, it’s likely more collectible as well.

It was first shown a while ago, but they’ll actually start to be available at the end of March from the Treasures of Oz website for $59 AUD. With this producer, the Perth Mint and CIT in particular pushing this coin size, it looks like tiny gold is here to stay. If more come out struck to this standard, we’re all for it.


The beautiful atolls of Tokelau are located in the South Pacific and home to an abundance of fish.  The yellowfin tuna, or Kakahi is one of the most popular fish to anglers, both for sport and for food.  The fish takes its name from the vivid yellow sickle-shaped fins that extend above and below its sleek body.  Tuna are large and powerful ocean swimmers, and the yellowfin is no exception.  This fish can grow to almost 3 metres long and weigh up to 400kg!  It is a voracious predator that preys on smaller fish and squid.  Unlike most fish, tuna are actually warm-blooded, which makes them swift swimmers that can migrate across entire oceans.

WEIGHT 0.50 g
SIZE 11.0 mm