Producer of lavishly packaged and exquisitely designed numismatics, JVP Investment Coins have embarked on an ambitious new range of 24 affordable coins to be released this year called ‘Vintage Mini Posters’. Usually associated with  the higher end and more esoteric type of coin, these have much broader appeal and if early indications are anything to go by, deserve to do very well.

The coins are expected to be released approximately every two weeks and started with an excellent early 20th century design for an American railroad called The Chief. They’ll be a variety of subjects being covered, from old sporting designs, through entertainment and on to travel, the subject that will form the bulk of the series.

Each release will maintain the same format and it’s a ½ oz of 0.999 silver, which despite the relatively low weight remains a very healthy 27 x 47 mm rectangle in size. That will clearly give the artwork plenty of space to shine. Each design will be unaltered from the original artwork except for the coins purity. With only 1,000 of each design being struck, JVP aren’t flooding the market with them either.

As yet, we’re still waiting for JVP to announce pricing or availability and they’re just showing the coins as a preview for the moment. With some great packaging and the retro subject matter, we loved the first coin and this second ‘Visit Canada’ one has a lot of appeal as well. When eight or so coins have been revealed we’ll do a Coin Series Profile so you can see all the coins in one place instead of spread over two dozen posts.


Posters are a part of our world culture. This is especially true for the past 200 years. In the beginning, posters were designed to attract people’s focus and attention, however; in modern culture, this craft has turned itself into a respected and highly valued art form. It was our goal to gather the most beautiful posters, which have been created throughout history and commemorate them on a series of precious metal coins.

The miniature variant has the perfect size, since the original sizes are just taking up to much space. This way you can collect all of these special artworks!

REVERSE: The reverse captures a vintage style travel poster of Canada. The Visit Canada poster is the #2 of 24 posters to be released in 2015. This vintage travel poster was created by Nicholas Greenaway (year unknown). It captures the Canadian landscape in a comic style way. The center features an elk, one of the native animals of the country.

About the Artist: Nicholas Greenaway is a versatile creative illustrator from Bedfordshire in the UK. He creates fun and detailed illustrations of everyday places, events and items, turning the ordinary into something vibrant and colorful.

OBVERSE: The obverse features the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the year of issue and the denomination of the coin.

PRESENTATION: The Vintage Mini Posters – Visit Canada silver coin comes in an awesome blister case, which is doing a remarkable job in staging this very special poster coin. The front flap of the booklet has a “cut out” section, displaying the coin even if the booklet is closed. When closed, the image printed onto the blister features an extension of the original poster. Every issue of the series has its own number: The Visit Canada is #2 of the series. The number is also printed onto the blister, making this special series a true collectors item. The Certificate of Authenticity is printed on the blister case!


$1 NEW ZEALAND 0.999 SILVER 15.55 g 33.6 x 47.6 mm B-UNC 1,000 YES / YES