Sell out AC/DC coins joined by a new vinyl-style Highway To Hell silver foil from CIT


Now I can’t say I’m an AC/DC fan personally, but it’s clear this is an absolute juggernaut of a band. A long history and strong catalogue of hit albums ensure they’re one of the greats. Depsite that, we were surprised to see AC/DC coins from both CIT Coin Invest and the Royal Australian Mint. We were even more surprised when most of them sold out in very short order.To date, we’ve seen traditional coins that even the non-collector would know and recognise as a coin. One of the Australian coins was roughly triangular – but it was still obviously a coin. As soon as we saw these issues, we wondered if there would be a foil that looks like a vinyl record, as it seems such a natural progression. It looks like CIT had similar thoughts and today has seen this Liechtenstein-based producer issue what looks to be the perfect musical format for a numismatic.

Highway to Hell was the Australian rock bands sixth studio album and the first to break the US Top 100. Considered one of the greatest hard rock albums of all time, it was the bands second biggest seller after Back in Black. The foil takes the original cover artwork and puts it on a fine silver foil of half-ounce in weight. Reaching an almost 7″ size of 168 mm, it looks just like one of the vinyl picture discs that became so popular in the 80’s and 90’s.

Even better, the obverse side is covered with concentric circles meant to ape the look of a record. It does have a large effigy of Queen Elizabeth II in the centre, but looks pretty good regardless. The foil is presented in a faux record sleeve, thus completing the look of an actual record. Available to order from today, this looks to be a fine accompaniment to the more conventional coin releases for this iconic band.

DENOMINATION $2 CID (Cook Islands)
COMPOSITION 0.999 silver 15.55 grams
FINISH Prooflike
BOX / COA Sleeve / Yes