Germania Mint grows its silver bullion offerings with the first of their glow-in-the-dark Runes

They say that simple ideas are almost always the most effective, and the latest bullion offering from Germania Mint is a perfect example. Take a lump of silver, stamp it with a character, and if done right, you have something packed with symbolism, and just a little different. What Germania Mint has done is exactly that, and the characters they’ve chosen for the task fit into their themed historical world perfectly – Germanic runes.

Germanic runes are an ancient system of writing that predates the Latin alphabet. These angular, enigmatic characters hold a rich history, primarily associated with the Germanic peoples of Northern Europe, including the Vikings and early Germanic tribes. The runic alphabet, known as the “Elder Futhark,” consists of 24 symbols, each with its own phonetic value and symbolic meaning. These runes were initially used for inscriptions on stone, wood, or metal, often carrying magical or religious significance. They were a means of communication but also had a mystical dimension, believed to hold power for divination and protection. Runes persisted well into the Middle Ages, serving as an integral part of Germanic culture.



The Algiz Rune is a powerful symbol of protection and defence against potential danger or harm. It also signifies the need to connect with one’s higher self or to seek guidance from a higher power, which would allow one to overcome challenges and achieve goals.

It represents the idea of a shield, both physical and spiritual, and the ability to ward off harm and negativity. It is also associated with the concept of higher consciousness.



The Ansuz Rune is seen as a sign of divine inspiration and the need to pay attention to messages from a higher power or inner voice. It also signifies the need to express oneself honestly and effectively. It promotes creativity and clarity of message. Adds courage and confidence.

Represents the power of words and the ability to communicate ideas and knowledge to others. Proclaims that wisdom can come from a higher source.



The Dagaz Rune is associated with the idea of awakening and blooming. It symbolises a new beginning or transformation, just as the rising sun brings the beginning of a new day. It indicates a time of renewal, growth and enlightenment, balance and harmony.

It is also associated with positive outcomes and indicates a time of new opportunities. It can also suggest the need to let go of old patterns and embrace change.



The letter Fehu is a powerful and auspicious rune, seen as a positive sign. It attracts wealth and abundance. The rune brings financial gain, prosperity and material success. It can also embody potential rather than actual wealth, suggesting that action is needed to turn ideas or resources into tangible results.

The wealth in question also refers to intangible matters: intellect, creativity, charisma and a circle of trusted friends.



The Uruz Rune is seen as a positive sign, indicating strength, energy and vitality. It signifies the need to use one’s inner power to overcome difficulties and achieve goals.

It represents the power to create and destroy, as well as the ability to overcome obstacles and challenges. It is also associated with physical and mental health and well-being, as well as with the natural world.



The Wunjo Rune is an auspicious symbol, associated with the idea of joy, happiness and fulfilment. It signifies the need to focus on one’s inner state of being, rather than external circumstances or material possessions.

It symbolises a state of harmony and contentment. Indicates the chance to achieve one’s goals and desires. Helps to find true love and happiness.

Germania Mint has launched six of these runes for this new range, each formed in an ounce of 0.9999 silver, and in a different organically angular shape. Emblazoned on the front is a runic character, which is coloured with a UV sensitive ink that will glow when a UV-torch is pointed at it, and the rest is antique-finished. It’s all a bit mystical, and with the popularity of Norse culture in particular, we can imagine, very popular.

Each piece comes in a small black bag, marked with the specific rune inside it, and that all goes in a neat cardboard box. Germania Mint does packaging well, and this is all claimed to be minimalist, and eco-friendly. It also seems appropriate, somehow. This is undenominated silver, so no certificate, but a serial number is engraved on the obverse, along with the composition – more than enough. There are 24 runes in the alphabet (which, btw, would make a very cool Alphabetti Spaghetti), so we can likely expect more of these if they’re a hit, which we highly suspect they will be. As we said earlier, the simplest ideas are often the best.




DENOMINATION Undenominated
COMPOSITION 31.1 g of 0.9999 silver
DIMENSIONS variable, but circa 23 x 30 mm
FINISH Antique
MODIFICATIONS UV effect rune, serial number on obverse
MINTAGE 2,500 per rune