Emporium Hamburg’s ‘World’s Wildlife’ bullion range gets its third issue and we have a new profile of the series


A relative newcomer on the limited mintage bullion coin scene, Emporium Hamburg’s ‘World’s Wildlife’ series is now three issues old. The latest continues the wide range of subjects, following the Giraffe and the Whale with the Bald Eagle – about as diverse a selection as possible.

The core of the range is a pair of one-ounce 0.9999 formats, one silver and one gold. There are coloured and gilded versions of the silver coin and a neat range of proof variants which we’ll cover shortly.

A good looking coin, continuing the series style of depicting the animals behaviour rather than a simple portrait. This alone makes it a series worth watching and the previous coins are equally appealing.

We’ve produced one of our Bullion Coin Profiles to the range so that we’re fully up to date and you can see all of the issues to date. Check it out HERE.

The coins are available to order now in all of their various forms.