UPDATE 3: A quick look at Black Friday deals we’ve noticed around the coin web

We’ve tried several times over the last few years to have a dedicated DEALS page on the site, but none have been remotely successful. However, an event like Black Friday is a bit better defined, and over relatively quickly, so I’ll use this page to list out what we see knocking around the old Interwebbie, and keep it updated until after next weekend. Feel free to post any other deals in the comments, and I’ll add the best. Any mints/dealers, feel free to reach out. It’s all free.


LPM HK – A varied range of everything from bullion to high-end numismatics

NUMISCOLLECT – There’s a 10% off code (blackfriday2021) that works for a huge range of coins

ROYAL MINT – A sale offering 20% off a selection of 50p coins


NEW ZEALAND MINT – Hasn’t started yet (26th, 9am Pacific time), but should be a decent selection

NEW ZEALAND POST – Only 7 coins we can see, but rare and hefty discounts on some nice quintessentially Kiwi coins.

PERTH MINT – A wider selection, including coins and jewellery, even a few items of clothing. Discounts are around a third off.

POBJOY MINT – Not sure if it’s strictly a Black Friday event, but they have a large range of base metal coins at around a quarter off.

THE COIN COMPANY – A good selection, including some Royal Australian Mint stuff, and their own Minions coins, and who doesn’t love a Minion…


APMEX – Have a Cyber Week Vault Deals page with what looks like offerings in multiple genres.

COIN SHOPPE – Another decent selection, including Lithuanian Mint coins

COINS TODAY KR – A nice selection from many of the top producers.

DOWNIES – They have a dedicated Black Friday page. Lots of Royal Mint, and some ancients as well. (The $2k Athens Tetradrachm is gorgeous, Santa).

POWERCOIN – A huge selection, covering a wide range of mints and prices.

SILVERCOINSEUROPE – A selection with discounts going from 5% to 50%