Year of the Dog update: Tokelau and Treasures of Oz add new trio including an old favourite

The Lunar Year of the Dog is over six months away, but as usual the mints aren’t hanging around with their precious metal numismatics. We decided to wrap up the Lunar Rooster release year with one of our Superguides and that was finished a few weeks ago. In retrospect, it would’ve been better to start early and then grow it as the year progressed, so as we’re happy with the new guide format, one for the Lunar Dog has already been published. If you see the image above, it will be because we’re adding new coins to it and so off we go.

Treasures of Oz had one of our favourite lunar bullion ranges with its Tokelau-issued series, but that unfortunately died off last year and no rooster coins were struck. We’re glad to say that despite the bullion series not coming back, the proof versions have. The design is a superb one as always and called ‘Dog Family’. The usual one-ounce reverse-proof silver coin is present, along with a 0.5 gram ‘minigold’ coin, something that Treasures of Oz, along with Coin Invest Trust, have made popular over the last few years.

Also back is the latest in the mirror series. These coins have the same image, but mirrored and reverse-finished on them and they seem to be very popular. The key selling point here is the sheer size of the coin. Despite weighing just an ounce, this fine-silver coin comes in at a staggering 65 mm in diameter. All are well boxed and you can see more, including full specs, over at the guide.


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  1. jérôme Giustiniani July 30, 2017 at 18:14 - Reply

    Good new 🙂 i’m waiting it

  2. Ian July 31, 2017 at 14:24 - Reply

    The 1oz “proof” dog family illustrated above…. confusing, as it looks exactly like the old bullion versions?
    As you say, the lunar “family” bullion range was sadly discontinued last year but traditionally the excellent reverse proof style with frosted background WAS the bullion version in all previous issues.
    The proofs were unique by having the opposite arrangement – a mirror background with frosted animals. This new one is clearly not that.
    So which version are they actually issuing, i’m wondering??
    If they are using the excellently minted previous bullion style, but now calling it and pricing it upwards as a proof version, then that is a con and a slap in the face to fans of the bullion range who had it ended abruptly.
    Bearing in mind the bullion issue style has a precedent, minting an identical lunar dog in a smaller quantity, is no justification to now claim as a proof.
    Especially insulting as continuity was ruined anyway by not having a rooster!

    • Mik Woodgate
      Mik Woodgate July 31, 2017 at 15:00 - Reply

      It is disappointing, but I get the impression this is a standalone coin with the same visual style. I loved the lunar bullion range, but this will be different. The old ‘reverse-proof’ moniker was more a statement of style than quality, much like the Perth Mint. This proof will be struck to a proof quality as it should be.

  3. Ian July 31, 2017 at 19:44 - Reply

    On the contrary, the reverse proof moniker the bullion range had was not just a statement of a style over quality. Far from it.
    They were among the highest quality minted reverse proof bullions around. So much so, MCM who took over the distribution of the range on behalf of ‘Treasures of Oz’ insisted on individual coa’s for the bullion range. The quality was so high in their opinion also.
    I stand by my prediction this new “proof” will be no different or of higher quality than the already top quality previous bullion.

  4. Veronica McGuire August 1, 2017 at 01:05 - Reply

    Just to clarify, the latest Dog Family 1oz silver issue is still Reverse Proof (not proof), but the mintage has been changed from 50,000 to just 5,000 to make it more interesting for collectors.

    • Mik Woodgate
      Mik Woodgate August 1, 2017 at 01:22 - Reply

      Thanks for clarifying Veronica.

  5. Ian August 1, 2017 at 02:22 - Reply

    Thanks, Veronica, good to know that is indeed the rev proof bullion. I assume then you are speaking for Treasures of Oz?
    So, can i strongly suggest that what would make everything even more interesting for collectors is if you also do a special additional 5,000 run of the skipped rooster, and confirm this series will be back on this track in the future.
    That way collectors can have continuity with this lunar series which we fell in love with and supported.
    Unless of course, the dog is a once off and you won’t be doing any others in the sequence? In which case there is actually very little of interest at all, as far as i would be concerned.

  6. Steve August 17, 2017 at 14:13 - Reply

    Who is the Lunar “Year of the Rooster”?

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