Scottsdale Mint’s epic decade long Biblical Series of coins continues with the first three of six 2023 issues

We know quite a few have been enquiring about this popular series, so here we are. Now in its ninth year, the range has been issuing six coins annually since 2015, and those releases are usually spread throughout each year. However, there have been non so far in 2023, and some have worries that it had fallen by the wayside. We’re pleased to say that isn’t the case, and three of them debuted just a couple of hours ago.

The first thing that strikes you, and is possibly a factor in the late release, is the move from the old Raphael Maklouf effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, to the latest Jody Clark portrait of King Charles III. It was likely much better to keep the six 2023 coins having the same obverse, rather than change mid-year. Other than that, it’s business as usual for the Gustave Dore inspired series, with all the design elements that have made the Biblical Series so popular, still in place.

This trio feature a mix of stories from the Old and New Testaments, so collectors have a decent choice. Comically (to me at least), all three feature someone trying to get a Mexican Wave started… You could never accuse the range of having a lack of variety, however, so go check out our newly, fully revised Coin Series Profile, where you can see every coin released to date, along with packaging images, and more information. These three should be available to order from today, although it may take some dealers a day or two to list them.