TAROT MAJOR ARCANA (2021-) by the New Zealand Mint

For at least 600 years, a pack of cards called The Tarot, have been used to play games across parts of Europe, starting in Italy. However, starting in 18th century France, the cards captured the attention of occultists, and from there, the Tarot deck took on two distinct forms.

Today, most interest in the cards is centred around their occult use in divining the future. The deck in this case is made up of 78 cards. Of those, 56 are divided up into four suits, each composed of ten numbered cards, a King, a Queen, a Knight, and a Jack. These are the Minor Arcana. The other 22 cards do not have suits, and are called the Major Arcana, which are the subject of this coin series.

Launched in 2021, ‘The Tarot’ is a series of one-ounce, rectangular silver coins, each of which carries a coloured image of one of the Major Arcana cards, done in the classic style associated with a Tarot deck. Each of the cards has a distinct ‘flavour’ which the NZ Mint has captured very well, adding all the specific elements you would expect in each case. These are attractive coins with an interesting artistic style.

The obverse originally carried the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, but changed in 2023 to the national coat-of-arms of Niue following her death. The book-style packaging is as excellent as you would expect from this mint, being solid, understated, and filled with information on the specific subject of the coin. The mintage is set at 2,000 units.

The inspiration for this profile comes not from the nonsensical subject, but from the remarkable performance of these on the aftermarket. As we publish this guide, there has been 14 releases, and early coins are selling for over $1000 US. Each issue sells out quickly, and as a result, this is definitely a series to watch for the more speculative collector.



The Fool is a symbolic Tarot card representing new beginnings, spontaneity, and the journey into the unknown. Depicted as a carefree traveller about to step off a cliff, they carry a small bag, symbolising life’s experiences. The Fool embodies innocence, optimism, and an adventurous spirit, reminding us to embrace opportunities with a fresh perspective.

In readings, The Fool often suggests taking risks, embracing change, and being open to unexpected adventures. It signifies the start of a transformative journey, urging us to trust our instincts and follow our hearts, even if the path is uncertain. The Fool serves as a reminder that sometimes, the most profound growth occurs when we dare to leap into the unknown.


The Magician is a pivotal card in the Tarot deck, symbolizing power, manifestation, and transformation. Depicted as a figure standing before a table adorned with elemental symbols, this card represents the mastery of the four elements – earth, water, fire, and air. The Magician’s one hand points upward to connect with the divine, while the other points downward, signifying the ability to manifest ideas into reality.

With a snake encircling his waist, the Magician embodies both wisdom and creativity. This card encourages harnessing one’s inner talents and resources to manifest desired outcomes, reminding us that we have the tools to shape our own destiny.


The High Priestess is a captivating tarot card, often associated with mystery and intuition. She embodies the essence of hidden knowledge and the subconscious mind. Seated between two pillars, she guards the veil of secrets, representing the duality of existence. The crescent moon at her feet symbolizes the ever-changing nature of life.

With a book in her lap, she signifies wisdom and learning, encouraging seekers to explore their inner depths. This card urges us to trust our intuition, tap into our inner wisdom, and navigate the uncharted waters of our subconscious. The High Priestess invites us to embrace the mysteries of life and delve into our own inner realms.


The Empress is a powerful and nurturing archetype in the Tarot deck. Representing fertility, abundance, and maternal energy, this card embodies the essence of creation and growth. In the Rider-Waite Tarot, she is depicted as a serene woman surrounded by lush vegetation, symbolizing her connection to nature and life’s cycles.

The Empress encourages us to tap into our nurturing qualities, fostering creativity and harmony in our lives. It signifies a period of fertility, whether in the form of actual childbirth, creative projects, or abundant opportunities. This card reminds us to embrace our inner Empress, fostering love, beauty, and the natural rhythms of life.


The Emperor card in the Tarot deck represents authority, power, and control. Depicted as a regal figure seated on a throne, the Emperor exudes strength and leadership. This card signifies the need for structure and organization in one’s life, urging individuals to take control of their circumstances. It embodies qualities such as discipline, responsibility, and strategic thinking.

When the Emperor appears in a Tarot reading, it often suggests a time to assert oneself and take charge of a situation. It can also indicate a need to establish boundaries or seek guidance from a wise and authoritative figure. Ultimately, the Emperor reminds us of the importance of harnessing our inner strength and leadership abilities to achieve our goals and maintain order in our lives.


The Hierophant is a powerful symbol within the Tarot deck, representing tradition, spirituality, and guidance. This card typically features a religious or spiritual leader, often seated between two pillars, conveying a sense of authority and wisdom. The Hierophant signifies the importance of seeking spiritual knowledge and adhering to established belief systems.

It encourages individuals to explore their spirituality and connect with higher principles, often through organized religion or formal teachings. However, it also reminds us to balance tradition with personal interpretation and intuition, emphasizing that true wisdom lies in understanding and integrating the lessons of the past with our own unique spiritual journey.


The Lovers card in the Tarot deck is a powerful symbol of love, harmony, and choice. Depicting a man and woman standing beneath a radiant angel, it represents the union of opposites, the merging of two souls, and the power of deep connections.

This card signifies not only romantic love but also the choices we make in relationships, partnerships, and life itself. It encourages us to follow our hearts and make decisions that align with our values and passions. The Lovers card reminds us that love is a profound force that can lead us to make important decisions that shape our destinies.


The Chariot is a potent Tarot card symbolizing determination, control, and triumph over obstacles. Depicted as a charioteer steering a pair of opposing sphinxes or horses, it signifies the mastery of opposing forces or desires. This card represents a journey or struggle where the individual’s willpower and focus drive them forward, overcoming challenges and distractions.

The Chariot encourages us to harness our inner strength, maintain discipline, and stay the course, even amidst chaos or adversity. It’s a reminder that victory is possible through unwavering resolve and balanced determination, making it a symbol of personal growth and the pursuit of goals.


Strength is a symbolic Tarot card that embodies courage, inner fortitude, and the power of gentleness. Depicted as a woman calmly taming a ferocious lion, it teaches us that true strength lies in mastering our instincts and emotions rather than overpowering them. This card encourages us to harness our inner strength to overcome challenges with grace and compassion.

It reminds us that we possess the ability to control our impulses and confront adversity with a calm and patient demeanour. In readings, Strength signifies resilience, self-control, and the triumph of compassion over aggression. It serves as a reminder that our greatest victories often come from the strength within.


The Hermit card in the Tarot is a powerful symbol of introspection and inner guidance. Depicting an old man holding a lantern, it represents a journey into solitude and self-discovery. The Hermit encourages us to seek answers within, urging us to withdraw from the noise of the world to find clarity and wisdom. It signifies a period of reflection, where one can explore their innermost thoughts and values.

This card reminds us that the answers we seek are often found in moments of solitude and self-reflection, illuminating our path towards enlightenment and personal growth. The Hermit card encourages us to embrace solitude as a source of profound insight and transformation.


The Wheel of Fortune tarot card represents the ever-turning cycles of life. Depicted as a giant wheel, it symbolizes change, destiny, and the ebb and flow of fortune. At its zenith, one may experience success, while at its nadir, challenges may arise. This card reminds us that life is unpredictable and that both good and bad times are transient. It encourages adaptability and embracing change.

The card’s four creatures—human, lion, ox, and eagle—represent different aspects of existence, reminding us of the diverse experiences life offers. The Wheel of Fortune advises us to seize opportunities, remain humble in success, and resilient in adversity, as the wheel of life never stops turning.


The Justice card is a strong symbol in the Tarot deck, representing balance, fairness, and moral integrity. Depicted as a figure holding a sword and scales, it embodies the principle of retribution and equilibrium. This card reminds us that our actions have consequences, urging us to seek fairness and truth in our decisions.

Justice also suggests the need for introspection and self-examination, as it signifies accountability for one’s choices. It encourages us to consider the consequences of our actions and make ethical judgments. Ultimately, the Justice card serves as a reminder that the universe seeks equilibrium, and through our actions, we can either restore or disrupt this delicate balance.


The Hanged Man is a compelling Tarot card, often associated with surrender, sacrifice, and a change in perspective. Depicting a figure suspended upside-down by one foot from a tree, it challenges conventional viewpoints. This card urges us to release attachments, let go of control, and embrace a state of suspension to gain deeper insights.

It symbolises a willingness to endure discomfort for spiritual growth. The Hanged Man signifies a period of introspection, where we pause to reassess our path and values. It encourages us to view life from a different angle, offering profound wisdom through surrender, patience, and self-discovery.


The Death card in the Tarot deck is often misunderstood. It does not signify literal death but represents transformation, change, and rebirth. Depicted as a skeleton wielding a black flag, it symbolizes the end of one phase of life and the start of another. This card encourages letting go of the past, old habits, or relationships that no longer serve us, making room for new opportunities and growth.

It's a reminder that change is inevitable and necessary for personal evolution. Embracing the Death card's energy can lead to profound self-discovery and the shedding of burdens, ultimately paving the way for a brighter future.


The Tarot card Temperance, often depicted as an angelic figure pouring liquid between two cups, symbolizes balance, harmony, and moderation. This card encourages individuals to find equilibrium in their lives, blending contrasting elements to achieve a state of inner peace and healing. It serves as a reminder that patience and moderation are key virtues when navigating challenges or making important decisions.

Temperance encourages us to merge our emotions with reason, finding a middle ground between extremes. It's a card of serenity, suggesting that by mixing opposing forces, we can create a harmonious and fulfilling existence, promoting personal growth and spiritual enlightenment.


The Devil card in the Tarot deck is a complex and intriguing symbol. Depicting a horned, winged creature, it represents temptation, bondage, and the material world's illusions. Often associated with unhealthy attachments, addictions, or oppressive situations, it warns against giving in to baser instincts. However, it also carries a message of personal responsibility and the potential for liberation.

The chains on the figures in the card are loose, indicating that one can break free from self-imposed limitations. The Devil card serves as a reminder to confront our inner demons, question our desires, and seek a path to greater spiritual freedom and enlightenment.


The Tower is a striking and ominous Tarot card, symbolizing sudden, disruptive change and upheaval. Depicting a tower being struck by lightning, it signifies a cataclysmic event that shatters existing structures and beliefs. This card serves as a reminder that sometimes, to build something stronger, old foundations must crumble.

It represents revelation, awakening, and necessary chaos for personal growth. While it may initially bring fear and discomfort, it ultimately paves the way for renewal and transformation. The Tower teaches us that embracing change, even when it feels destructive, can lead to a more authentic and liberated self.


The Star card in the Tarot deck is a symbol of hope, inspiration, and spiritual guidance. It depicts a woman pouring water from two jugs, one onto land and the other into a pool, under a starry night sky. This card signifies renewal, optimism, and a sense of purpose. It suggests that even in the darkest of times, a glimmer of hope shines through, guiding us towards our true path.

The Star card encourages us to have faith in ourselves and the universe, to follow our dreams, and to trust that better days are on the horizon. It is a reminder that hope and healing are always available to those who seek them.


The Moon tarot card is a mysterious and enigmatic symbol in the tarot deck. It embodies the realm of the subconscious, illusions, and the hidden aspects of the self. Depicted by a moonlit landscape with a dog and a wolf howling beneath a moon, it signifies the dual nature of human existence.

This card prompts introspection and urges us to explore the depths of our psyche, confronting our fears and uncertainties. It reminds us that not everything is as it seems, and illusions can cloud our judgment. The Moon card encourages us to trust our intuition and navigate the shadows to discover hidden truths. It symbolizes a journey through the darkness towards enlightenment and self-discovery.


The Sun tarot card is a symbol of radiant positivity and enlightenment. Depicted as a shining sun with a joyful child on a white horse, it represents optimism, clarity, and vitality. This card signifies a period of newfound confidence and success, as obstacles are overcome, and a bright path emerges. It encourages self-expression and authenticity, urging us to bask in our accomplishments.

The Sun card also embodies enlightenment and self-discovery, shedding light on inner truths. It reminds us that, like the sun rising after a dark night, our lives can experience renewal and growth, bringing warmth and positivity to our journey.


The Judgment card in the Tarot deck symbolizes a profound awakening and spiritual transformation. Depicted as a triumphant angel blowing a trumpet, it signifies a call to self-reflection and evaluation. This card encourages us to assess our past choices and actions, seeking redemption and closure.

It heralds a period of renewal and rebirth, where old patterns and beliefs are shed to make way for a brighter future. Judgment invites us to confront our inner truths and embrace personal growth. It reminds us that, like the phoenix rising from the ashes, we too can experience a resurrection and attain a higher level of consciousness on our life's journey.


The World is the final card in the Tarot's Major Arcana, symbolizing completion, wholeness, and achievement. Depicted as a woman encircled by a laurel wreath, she dances within an oval, signifying the eternal cycle of life. This card heralds the culmination of a journey or a significant phase in one's life, indicating that you have achieved a state of balance and harmony.

It represents fulfilment, success, and a sense of oneness with the universe. When the World card appears in a reading, it suggests that you have overcome challenges and are now ready to embrace new opportunities with wisdom and a profound understanding of your place in the world.


A relatively simple obverse, it has a patterned border, surrounding the Ian Rank Broadley effigy of Queen Elizabeth II on coins issued up to, and including 2022, and the national coat-of-arms of Niue in 2023. It's unknown at present if 2024 coins will keep the Niue emblem, or move to an effigy of King Charles III.

The packaging is done in a book style, which incorporates a Certificate of Authenticity, as well as text describing that specific coin's subject. The coin inside is encapsulated, They are solidly constructed, and can be stored on a shelf as you would a book.


COMPOSITION 31.1 grams of 0.999 silver
DIMENSIONS 53.0 x 36.0 mm
FINISH Proof with colour
MINTAGE 2,000 per design