Marvel silver bullion coin series gains its fourth entrant with the release of Iron Man

As one of the primary characters in the Marvel Universe, Iron Man was an inevitable choice to appear on the Marvel bullion coin series. Following a Spiderman coin last May, a Thor coin in September, and a 2018 Black Panther coin just a couple of months ago, the series is quickly working its way through the most iconic set of superhero characters in the world.

As before, the coin is produced by S&A Partners, struck by the Perth Mint and distributed by LPM Group in Hong Kong, although it will likely be available worldwide shortly. The format is a Perth Mint staple, an indication of which is its issuance for the island nation of Tuvalu. Available only as a 40.60 mm diameter, one-ounce, 0.9999 fineness silver coin, this will have a lot of appeal to collectors of limited run silver bullion coins given the huge and ongoing popularity of the movies over the last decade and there are many years worth of movies planned for the future.

The coin sells individually, in rolls of 20, or in boxes of 100 or 300, with a mintage that is limited to 50,000. Due to ship shortly, they’re available from LPM HK, although they should appear more widely over the next month or so. It’s a good looking coin with a fine depiction of the character – as indeed the whole series has been to date. There are plenty of characters to choose from next time around like the Hulk, Black Widow, or even teams like Guardians of the Galaxy. Who’s up for a Groot coin then?

COMPOSITION 0.9999 silver
WEIGHT 31.1 grams
DIAMETER 40.60 mm
FINISH Brilliant uncirculated
MINTAGE 50,000
BOX / COA No / No