The Feng Shui coins issued for Niue by the New Zealand Mint, have been a popular series since the release of the the superb Koi coin back in 2012. Following the Koi were Cranes, Horses and just recently, Elephants. Initially projected to be a coloured one-ounce silver series, the mint have been increasingly invested in the ¼oz gold format and all of the previous coins have made the transition to the yellow metal.

The Koi gold hit the market back in April 2014 and the Cranes in October. Having seen the coins, they really are beautifully done, with even the first two that are so strong in coloured silver, benefitting from the change. This latest horse design has a lower bar to jump as, in my opinion, the silver horse design has been the weakest of the series to date. While I’ve yet to see an actual coin, this one looks nice by any standards. The quarter-ounce gold format is a great compromise between cost and size, and while this new release isn’t a lunar coin, we do wonder why there aren’t more lunars in this size.

Unlike before, the packaging isn’t in the usual NZ Mint wooden box, which are of a great quality, but in a version of the excellent silver packaging. Only 888 of these will be struck. Why 888? The number 8 is considered lucky in Chinese culture. The coin is up for order now on the NZ mint website and hopefully will be a big hit.


The Horse is a popular figure in Feng Shui, often depicted in paintings or artwork within the home. Traditionally, the Horse has been seen as a symbol of financial success, strength and loyalty. It was also used as a lavish gift to those in positions of great power, such as Emperors. In Chinese art, horses have customarily been shown in full stride with flowers or birds at their hooves. This combination represents accelerated achievements and a rise to fame in your own life.

REVERSE: This features two galloping Horses captured in mid-stride. With their heads proudly held high, these animals embody strength, loyalty, and success.

OBVERSE: This features the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

PACKAGING: The Feng Shui Horses 1/4 oz 9999 Fine Gold coin is displayed inside a stylish classic wooden inner coin case, which sits inside a elegant red outer box.

WEIGHT 7.78 g
SIZE 22.0 mm