AgAuSHOOT: 2021 The Queen’s Beasts – The Falcon of the Plantagenets (Pobjoy Mint)

We promised late last year that we’d be doing more of our AgAuShoots – photoshoots of coins we’ve obtained access to, either our own, or coins we’ve been sent on loan or to keep. We’ll note what they are, although we’re planning to keep these posts light on the text, including opinions, and let you make your own mind up about the coin. This is only the second coin we’re doing with this new format, following Germania Mint’s super dinosaur coin, but we’ve done a few over the years, including one person who lent us a one-kilo gold ‘Steamboat Willie’ coin a few years ago. I may convert those shoots to this new format and have a separate page to access them easily.

This time around, we have a coin I particularly wanted to do. Pobjoy Mint issues some fine coins, but their official images do little to show that off. Hence, I wanted to see just how much better they are in the hand. Pobjoy were great in lending us this coin, and here are the images. The tenth and last of the series, these come hot on the heels of the Royal Mint’s very highly regarded bullion/proof range, so they’re going up against some heady competition. They are smaller, cheaper and rarer than those, so occupy a different niche. I really like it, to be honest. We’re still struggling to get a good set-up, but that will improve, especially for the highly reflective proof coins like this one. Next will definitely be the tank coins, and we’ve also got lined up another Pobjoy one we asked for (A Big Five coin), Germania’s antique Knight’s coin, and a look at the decidedly off-beat Fafnir modded coins from JVP Mint. Please leave feedback on the coin or the post format if you want to. Enjoy.

DENOMINATION £2 UKP (British Indian Ocean Territory)
COMPOSITION 0.925 silver
WEIGHT 12.0 grams
MODIFICATIONS Gilded outer ring
BOX / C.O.A. Yes / Yes