AgAuSHOOT: Pobjoys cool new Pegasus reverse-proof bullion coin

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AgAuSHOOT: Pobjoys cool new Pegasus reverse-proof bullion coin As promised, here's our latest AgAuSHOOT and it features what could be the hottest new bullion coin of the year, the Pobjoy Mints replacement for the Isle of Man Angel coin. With the Manx government not wanting to issue more coins, [...]

AGAUSHOOT: Bank of Greece debuts Democritus silver and gold proof coins

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For 2016, the Bank of Greece will be releasing just three silver coins, and three gold ones. All year. Now that isn't a huge amount of coins, especially when the low mintages are taken into account (just 2,000 for a national bank release is pretty low), so it's no surprise that new releases are quite sought [...]

AGAUSHOOT: Our photographs of MCI-Mints new antique-finish Spinosaurus coin

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Thanks to Hermann at MCI-Mint, we managed to borrow a couple of their new releases to photograph. We specifically asked for this Spinosaurus coin in particular as we suspected the coin was far nicer than the original images would lead you to believe and fortunately that's turned out to be the case. A one-ounce antique-finish coin that is the [...]


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We've done another one of our photoshoots, and this time, thanks to Sharon at Minted-UK, we've managed to get hold of the two New Zealand Mint 'Classic Authors' coins we like so much. Unfortunately, the New Zealand Mints own images of the coin, especially the reverse sides, really don't do these beautiful strikes the justice they deserve and a [...]


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One of the bigger numismatic hits of 2014 has been the New Zealand Mints inaugural release in its new Disney range of coins. Depicting Disney's most iconic character as seen in his debut movie role, "Steamboat Willie" was an unqualified success with both the silver, and especially the ¼oz gold selling out extremely quickly, the latter in a [...]

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