It’s been quite a while since we did a YouTube round-up of coin videos put out there by some of the world’s biggest producers, but here we are again. Some of these we’ve covered in articles recently, but most we haven’t, so it’s a good way to increase coverage in the time we have.

The Mint of Gdańsk has one for its new The Witcher gold coins, and PMC have an impressive strike for us to look at. The latter mint has been exceptionally quiet of late. CIT just added a video of their clever Typefaces coin, this time featuring Frankenstein, and there’s a video of Germania Mint’s richly coloured Chameleon coin. As always, the New Zealand Mint is showcasing some of their pop-culture offerings. Enjoy.

A mid-year look at the new YouTube videos from mints around the world

Mint of Gdańsk

Spectres / Precious Metal Collectors


New Zealand Mint

Germania Mint

MDM Wholesale