New two-ounce cast bar additions debut from Asturmint, and Germania Mint, and Medusa appears for the Year of the Snake

We rounded up some new releases for Germania Mint’s two-ounce coloured cast bar program in an article last month, and also published a Bullion Profile for it, and in our effort to keep it all up-to-date, we’re doing another collation of new bars for your perusal. There’s only four this time, but they include additions to the two ranges that kicked it all off – Gods and Goddesses. Germania Mint was kind enough to send us some samples of the bars, and we’ll have decent images up soon, but they can be seen in the featured image we took today (just with a phone, unfortunately), above.

Also here is the latest in Asturmint’s Seven Deadly Sins collection, the fifth so far. Rounding out this selection is a one-off from Sterling Silver Surfers in the US, and it carries a very colourful image of the Gorgon, Medusa, in celebration of the Year of the Snake. For those unaware of these bars, they’re two-ounces in weight, are 40.13 x 25.07 x 7.5 mm in size, and coloured on the front. They all come in a neat black card box with a themed slipcover, and seem to have tapped into collector’s interest very quickly.

2024 GODS: FREYR (Germania Mint)

The second series to come from Germania Mint, ‘Gods’ is a companion range to ‘Goddesses’, and will also run for six issues. It has its own artistic style, markedly different from the almost monotone goth-like look of Goddesses’ Here, we have a painted look, full of rich colour, and Freyr is no exception to that. Another terrific piece of art. The Germania Mint’s shield glyph is engraved on the back.

2024 MEDUSA (Sterling Silver Surfers)

We’ve only seen this for sale at one place at the moment, but it’s such a striking design we thought you’d like to see it. With 2025 being the Lunar Year of the Snake, and coins already out and about, it was only a matter of time before we got a cast bar in this program for it, and what better spokesman for it than the original queen of snakes, Medusa.

A very striking image of her adorns the bar, and they’ve done a fine job of adding the 2025 date to it using snakes from her hair. As with all these bars, there’s an engraved glyph on the back, and in this case, it’s the triple-‘S’ of the issuer, Sterling Silver Surfers. We believe this is a solo release at present, but we’ll keep an eye for any other releases emanating from there. Medusa has a low mintage of just 300 units.


The fifth of seven bars in this range, features the deadly sin of Sloth. It continues the theme of representing each sin using a beautiful woman, depicted in the act, and overwhelmingly in a vibrant hue, in this case blue. A very colourful series with a tight, unified theme. Just Lust and Envy to look forward to now.

2024 GODDESSES: FRIGG (Germania Mint)

The series that launched, and popularised the whole program is Germania Mint’s ‘Goddesses’, and Frigg is the fourth of the six bars to debut at the time of writing’. We’ve always found this series to have some quite stunning artwork, and Frigg maintains the high standard, and tight, cohesive style of the previous releases.