The coloured 2oz cast silver bar market continues to expand with additions from Germania Mint, Carpathian Mint and Asturmint

A new concept launched in January by Germania Mint, the two-ounce cast silver bar with a themed, coloured front, has certainly captured the attention of buyers, and their introduction of a program to work with other producers has certainly reaped benefits for all involved. It was a gorgeous Freyja bar, with an image of the Norse goddess on it, that kicked off that interest, and now there are several ranges in progress from four producers.

This is a little round-up of the latest, and includes the first issue in three, all-new series, as well as additions to four others. We know we’re going to be seeing more of these, so we already have one of our Bullion Profiles up for you to keep easy track of them, and it incorporates a changelog so that you can easily see when new additions have been added, and we’ll notify in our new homepage update alerts as well.

The concept is simple enough. The bars are two-ounces in weight, are 40.13 x 25.07 x 7.5 mm in size, and coloured on the front. They all come in a neat black card box with a themed slipcover, and a limited mintage, usually under a thousand units. These will live or die on the quality of the artwork on them, and on that front, to us at least, they’re a resounding success. Who’s up for an AgAuNEWS bar then !!!!

2024 FOUR HORSEMEN: WHITE HORSE (Carpathian Mint)

A new four-bar series that returns to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse theme that’s already adorned a range of numismatics, and is in the process of release in bullion coin form. Here, however, there’s rich colouring, and unique artwork. The White Horse is the first one, to be followed by the Black, Red, and Pale horses, and the visuals don’t disappoint. An attractive depiction covers the front of the bar, and the back carries a CM privy.

2024 DIA DE LOS MUERTOS (Asturmint)

A new series, and the third from Asturmint overall. Featuring the Day of the Dead from, but not limited to, Mexican culture, it features a beautiful piece of art encompassing various imagery from the celebrations. It does a great job of conveying death as something to be celebrated rather than feared. It has the Asturmint bull privy on the back. The mintage of 999 is higher than their other series.

2024 FOUR HORSEMEN: WHITE HORSE (Carpathian Mint)

Sticking with that trend for the morbid, Carpathian Mint’s other new series is called simply, Grim Reaper. There will be five bars in this series, and each will depict the personification of death in various guises. The first one is a colourful image of Death in classic form – robed, skull-faced, and carrying a scythe – walking in a graveyard.


An interesting concept, this takes the existing playing card artwork, and ramps it up considerably. A very attractive first issue in a series that has not had a defined end at present. There’s plenty of source material given the dozens of cards in a pack, and if they can maintain this standard, it will continue for a long time to come. Again, the Asturmint bull privy sits on the back.

2024 GODS: TYR (Germania Mint)

The follow-up series to the one that started it all, Germania Mint hit the mark with Baldur, their first release, and are following it up with this powerful looking Tyr. It’s another cool-looking piece of art, that fits in well as a companion piece to the earlier Goddesses range. The Germania Mint shield privy is engraved on the back.


The fourth of seven bars in this range, Gluttony should be available soon as this is an early reveal. The most striking thing about this series is the use of colour, with each sin, represented as a woman, bathed in a particular shade. This will be a striking set, for sure.

2024 GODDESSES: GULLWEIG (Germania Mint)

The series that started it all, and which seems to have started a new trend, Germania Mint’s ‘Goddesses’ recently added a third issue – Gullweig, ironically the goddess of wealth. The concept only debuted in January with the launch of Freyja, but it carried such a beautiful piece of art that collectors rushed to pick them up. They are stunning pieces, and this third release may be our favourite so far.