Dutch football club, Feyenoord, celebrate a century since winning their first championship with a limited 1924 silver shirt

Football is like a religion around much of the world, and one of its greatest bastions is in Europe, where the modern game had its inception. We’ve already mentioned the upcoming European Championship in Germany, so with football firmly in mind, we head on over to a giant in the international football scene – the Netherlands.

Three of the biggest club teams in Dutch football are Ajax, PSV Eindhoven, and Feyenoord, and it’s the latter of these that’s garnered attention from the Royal Dutch Mint. One hundred years ago, Feyenoord won their first championship, sixteen years after they were founded under the name Wilhelmina (fortunately that got changed!!). That initiated a run of success that has made them one of the most successful in Dutch history, sitting at #3 domestically, and #2 in international competition.

The way the Royal Dutch Mint is marking the centenary of the clubs first championship is very appealing. We were unsure whether to cover it given it isn’t a coin, or bullion, but given the surge in football interest ahead of Euro 24, and how cool this is, we couldn’t resist. Formed in sterling (0.925) silver, it depicts, and is shaped like, a football shirt aping Feyenoord’s 1924 design. It has a hand-applied, two-colour enamel infill. The back bears the inscription ‘National Champions 1924’ in Dutch.

It comes boxed in themed packaging, and just 100 of these will be made for sale. Unfortunately, that hand-finished nature, and tiny mintage means it sports a price-tag of €599.00. We also don’t know what weight it is, although we have reached out to the RDM for clarification. A terrific item for the hardcore football fan, celebrating the centenary of one of the game’s most iconic names. We’d like to see a smaller one, please. Available to order now, it will ship at the end of this month.


Feyenoord Rotterdam is the football club that’s known for its hard-working mentality and never giving up. But it’s also the club of 16 championships, the first Dutch Europa Cup I-winner and the first Dutch UEFA Cup-winner. To celebrate that it’s 100 years ago Feyenoord won their first championship, the Royal Dutch Mint presents a very special issue: the Feyenoord Champion Shirt 1924, cast in Silver, with only 100 pieces available!

For the first Championship of Feyenoord Rotterdam, we go back to the Pentecost Weekend of 1924. The season 1924-1925 was played between five clubs. These clubs represented five regions, where they had emerged as winner from the regional competition. The five champions played a complete competition against each other to determine the winner of the National Championship. After winning against SC Enschede on Pentecost (0-2), Be Quick 1887 from the North Region turned out to be the final hurdle to be taken by Feyenoord. On June 9th, Feyenoord won 3-1 and became the champions: it meant the final breakthrough of the Rotterdammers.

Undenominated 10 g of 0.925 silver 65.0 x 57.53 mm Proof-like, colour 100