Early June updates and revisions,.

A nother quick round-up of updates on site. The new Quicklooks format that debuts on the front page and is collated on the QUICKLOOKS page seems to be working fine. This briefer news format lets me increase coverage of coins that would normally get missed (for example, the Russian Metro coin), or of coins that are part of a series and don’t need a full post (like the Batman Hush coins). The latter in particular is harder to write without simply rehashing the previous post and I’m sure youall find it equally uninteresting.

I have a couple of bullion profiles at various stages of revision, but updating the existing ones has taken the most time recently. The mintage charts for the Gold Buffalo, Gold Eagle, Philharmonic, Noahs Ark, Archangel Michael and St George the Victorious have been brought as far up to date as can be done at present.

New Coin Series Profiles for CIT’s cool dimensional lunars is up, as are guides to the Czech Mint’s Animal Champions range, and the various series that make up Numiscollect’s outstanding mythology range. Additions to the Mint of Poland Mythology and the NZ Mint Star Wars Thematic Guides have also been undertaken. A couple of new profiles are in various stages also.

Thanks all for your continued support and thanks to our sponsors. Trying times for all continue, although we’re seeing the first signs of normality returning (my local Mcdonalds just reopened…!), but please continue to take precautions as this is a particularly vulnerable time for it to reignite. I’m taking a few days off (probably how long it will take to queue for a Big Mac), but you know me, so there will no doubt be the odd post or two anyway. The new monitor arrived and has made work so much easier. We’re nearly there now. All the best