Movie classic The Wizard of Oz gets a Swarovski adorned silver coin with smart minting and Swarovski.

With the recent resurgence and expansion of choice in movie and television themed numismatics, it comes as no surprise to see this rich vein of subjects mined deeper with properties picked from further back in time. Classics don’t come much bigger and well known than the movie version of L. Frank Baum’s hugely admired childrens book, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

Hitting the red carpet in 1939, the Victor Fleming directed musical comedy-drama has, after a lukewarm first decade, gone on to be one of the most highly regarded movies in cinema history. The star, Judy Garland, wore a pair of ruby red slippers which are now considered to be amongst the most valuable pieces of movie memorabilia of all time. Ironically, the slippers were silver in the book, but MGM wanted to showcase the new Technicolor process and they were changed to red.

Because of the unbreakable association of shoe and movie, the coin designers have chosen to use them to use them as the most prominent element of the coin face, along with the super-iconic yellow brick road. The reverse face is almost fully coloured and the red shoes have had thirteen small, red Swarovski crystals embedded within to make them stand out compared to the other design elements. The movie title and the famous phrase ‘Follow the Yellow Brick Road’ are present on this face.

Issued for the Cook Islands, the obverse carries the obligatory effigy of Queen Elizabeth II. Because of the use of Coin Invest Trust’s ground-breaking SmartMinting technology, this one-ounce fine silver coin manages to reach out to a very impressive 50mm in diameter. The certifcate is made of two grams of fine silver and is an S&A speciality, used before in coins like the Marvel Avengers set and the recent Doctor Strange and Captain America domed issues. In this case it’s coloured on one side and etched on the other. These are a very nice and classy addition to the coins and a great way to cut down on counterfeiting. Packaging is heavily themed and expansive, very similar to the recent Fantastic Beasts coin from the same source. Prices are on the high side for the format, in the $160-180 USD range, but it’s a desirable package for the movie memorabilia fan to whom this release is clearly aimed. Available now.



For generations, the fantasy musical The Wizard of Oz has held a cherished place in popular culture. The tale tells the story of DOROTHY™, a Kansas farm girl transported to the magical Land of Oz.

With its extraordinary special effects, costumes, and sets rendered in vibrant colors, The Wizard of Oz represents one of the all-time greatest achievements in movie magic. In the movie, the enchanted slippers are rendered in a dazzling, sequined ruby red. This deliberate and clever choice of materials was designed to make them stand out in contrast to the YELLOW BRICK ROAD™.

The RUBY SLIPPERS also played a central role in the film: Dorothy obtained them from GLINDA THE GOOD WITCH™, and kept them away from the WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST™, and then used their marvelous powers to take her home. One of only four known pairs of these magical shoes used in the movie is currently on display in the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History. These shoes were donated anonymously in 1979 and are one of the museum’s most asked–about artifacts.



Struck in Germany by BH Mayer Mint GmbH, this officially licensed Wizard of Oz coin is a legal tender tribute to the Wizard of Oz featuring the iconic Ruby Slippers and Yellow Brick Road. Made from 1oz of pure .999 silver, and a BIG 50mm in diameter, the coin features a revolutionary new minting technology called SmartMinting© that produces an incredibly high-relief surface area.

Details on the 2017 Wizard of Oz coin:
•    The High relief SmartMinted coin features an iconic image of the Ruby Slippers poised and ready to Follow the Yellow Brick Road.
•    1oz of pure .999 silver and a HUGE 50mm in diameter.
•    The Ruby Slippers are inlaid with 13 genuine Swarovski Crystals for an enhanced sparkle and shine.
•    $5 Legal Tender value as authorized by the official Issuing Authority of the Cook Islands.
•    Struck in Germany by B.H.Mayer GmbH.
•    Mintage limited to only 5,000 coins worldwide.

Every coin includes one of our trademark silver Certificates of Authenticity. The COA’s are sequentially numbered WOZS-0001 through WOZS-5000 and each one is made from 2g of pure .999 silver!

Each Wizard of Oz coin comes complete with a high-end rigid paper box printed in full color featuring classic movie poster elements, foil stamping, embossed surfaces and spot varnished elements.




DENOMINATION $5 Cook Islands
COMPOSITION 0.999 silver
WEIGHT 31.1 grams +2g certificate
DIAMETER 50.0 mm
MODIFICATIONS Colour & 13 Swarovski crystals
BOX / COA Yes / Yes


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