Two new coins added to our profile of the 12 Provinces Ducats series from the Netherlands



One of our Coin Series Profiles that hasn’t seen much activity this year is the one covering the Dutch Mint series called Twelve Provinces Ducats. A 0.873 fineness silver coin series, it will grow into a set of twelve coins, with one issue for each of the regions that make up this low-lying European country. A major player in European politics and military history for centuries, there are no shortage of subjects for the coins and each one features a famous figure from the region standing behind a depiction of the provincial coat-of-arms.

Two coins were issued in 2015, three in 2016, three in 2017, and to date, two in 2018. It is this latter pair that we have added to the guide. We like this series a lot. A classic coin subject that seems to be well done, although isn’t one we’ve seen in the flesh yet. We hope to rectify that at the World Money Fair in a few months time, but we’ve seen enough of other modern Dutch commemorative coins to know they’re no slouch on the quality front. There’s far more information in the profile, so head over there to check this interesting series out.

We’ve also managed to fix the maps issue that we’ve had, so the one in the profile should work fine now.

COMPOSITION 0.873 silver 28.25 grams
MINTAGE 4,000 per design
BOX / COA Yes / Yes