June, 2020

France harks back to the American War of Independence with coins celebrating La Fayette’s arrival

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The Monnaie de Paris is launching a new range of coins celebrating the French involvement in the American War of Independence. The first issue marks the 240th anniversary of the arrival of the Marquis de La Fayette in Boston aboard the frigate Hermione. Confusingly, it's also billed as part of the mints Major Landmarks in the History of Humanity range, so it remains to be seen where the series goes from here. The design [...]


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Marcus Aurelius was the Emperor of Rome from 161 to 180, the fifth of the Five Good Emperors (a term coined by Machiavelli centuries later), and the last emperor of the Pax Romana, an age of relative peace and stability for the Roman Empire. Despite that, his reign is one of military campaigning, seeking to expand and solidify Rome's borders. The tragedy that was the devestating Antonine Plague (killing around 5 million) [...]


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Harsányi János Károly; May 29, 1920 – August 9, 2000) was a Hungarian-American Nobel Prize laureate economist, born in 1920 and best known for his contributions in the field of 'game theory' and how it applies to economics. Game theory is used to study logical decision making in humans, animals, and computers, using mathematics, with applications in all fields of social science. You can bet that your life has been steered by [...]

Slovakia celebrates on a silver coin the life and work of the 18th century astronomer priest, Maximillian Hell

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The name Max Hell conjures up a warrior who vanquishes evil across multiple dimensions, but in reality, the eighteenth century Jesuit priest, astronomer and mathematician, Rudolf Maximilian Hell, had an altogether more academic life. Born in what was then the Kingdom of Hungary, but is now modern day Slovakia, Hell was the third of 22 children (That explains the surname...) He became the Director of the Vienna Observatory in 1756, going on to produce a [...]

May, 2020

Czech Mint’s latest ‘Gold Double-ounce’ features the reluctant pairing of Napoleon and Marie Louise

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The Czech Mint's 'Double-ounce' range of gold coins gets a new addition to its ranks with the launch of Napoleon and Marie Louise. Traditionally featuring historical couples, the remit has been quite broad with previous issues, including a pair of royal brothers, and a pair of alchemists, but this is the second time, following 2017's Maria Theresa and Joseph II, that the pairing has been a romantic one.Everyone knows the tale of Napoleon and Josephine, [...]

The Emperors of China’s rich past are the focus of the Mint of Poland’s latest signature series

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The Mint of Poland's dive into Asian culture continues with a new coin in their signature 2oz ultra high relief range. The series is called 'Legends of the Great Chinese Emperors' and as the title suggests, features a non-historical look at genuine figures from the formative years of this ancient state.First out of the Heavenly Gate is the famous first emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang, founder of the short-lived Qin Dynasty that gave China [...]


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Along with Mozart, Beethoven is a byword for musical genius. While his exact birthdate is not known, he was baptised on 17th December 1770, so 2020 is considered his 250th anniversary. His first major orchestral work premiered in 1800 and he died just 27 years later, leaving behind a highly regarded body of music, even more impressive in light of his increasing deafness - losing his hearing completely by 1814. The Helvetic [...]

NHS Charities boosted by a new silver bullion coin from EIC and Saint Helena

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These are obviously unprecedented times and for the first time in living memory, for at least the last few generations, we're totally reliant on our healthcare professionals to keep us all alive. It's easy to forget however, that this isn't a faceless force, but a group of hard-working, but human individuals that suffer from the same economic travails, health risks, and stresses as the rest of us, but ramped up to 11. The vast majority [...]

Royal Mint rounds out its celebration of Captain Cook’s seminal voyage of discovery with third £2 coin

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One of the most well known and well respected explorers in history, Captain James Cook has had a fair amount of representation in the numismatic world of late. This is helped in no small amount by his history of voyages to Australasia and the amount of mints currently issuing from the reason, but even up here in his homeland, the occasion is marked.The Royal Mint have just issued the third and last annual £2 coin [...]

Four of the greatest scientific minds of the 1800’s feature on a new silver coin series from Niue

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One of the best small series of 2019 was the Czech Mint's outstanding Inventions of Leonardo. Four one-ounce silver coins portrayed some of the Renaissance masters incredibly forward looking inventions associated with flight and with blowing things up. This year has already seen a similar set, in gold as well, that focused on Notre Dame Cathedral, although that was sold only as a complete set. The mint has returned in 2020 with another set to [...]

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