Site updates: early May edition – new guide tweaks and revisions, and more…

Hi all. I’d hoped to have our round-up of Napoleon Bonaparte anniversary coins up in the week of the 200th anniversary of his death, but getting all the images together and edited took longer than expected, so that should be going live tomorrow. We’ve spent much of this week catching up with bullion coin releases, and a couple of new ones dropped while we were doing that, so it took longer than expected as well.

We’ve updated the bullion sales graphs for the Perth Mint and the United States Mint today. These are great visual indicators of trends in the sales of the various minted ranges at the Perth Mint, and the American Eagle bullion coins in the US. The former is having a record year, in particular, and the continued increase in choice in the limited mintage bullion market is stoking the flames.

As for bullion guides, the Tokelau Sealfe, Scottsdale Limited Series, Star Wars bullion, and the Dragon Dollar Restrikes profiles have all seen updates over the last couple of months, and there are new guides for the African Big Five series (South African Mint) and the Prehistoric Life series (Emporium Hamburg). We’ll focus on getting some more new profiles out in the coming months, as this market is rapidly evolving and expanding to the point of confusion.

On the numismatic side, we’ve updated the profiles of CIT’s Lunar Collection, including the unusual dimensional silver coins, the Czech Mints ‘Mythical Beasts’, the Perth Mints ‘Esoteric Centres’, the NZ Mints ‘Chibi’, CIT’s ‘Revolutionaries’, Numicollects ‘Archaeology & Symbolism’, and the Austrian Mint’s ‘Niobium’ series. The NZ Mints ‘Star Wars’ roundup has had many updates recently, as the flow of coins continues unabated.

As we said, Napoleon should be up tomorrow afternoon, and next week we’ll start a look at the new releases from CIT, Mint XXI, and more. We’re continuing to make changes behind the scenes as our back-end theme has just had a major update, and hopefully, I’ll get around to tidying up our front page, which I’ve never been completely happy with. Thanks for visiting. As always, if you’d like to donate, join the very few who do by clicking the button below. It’s greatly appreciated, of course. Stay safe.